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This ADHD Workbook for Kids is Full of Fun Ideas

It's filled with activities, prompts and confidence boosters for little ones with ADHD.

By Britton John
This ADHD Workbook for Kids is Full of Fun Ideas


“Mom, I’m bored!” Aren’t those three words the worst on a rainy day? Especially when your kiddo has ADHD and you have already played all the kid-friendly card games in your repertoire? Fear not, because this ADHD Workbook is jam-packed with over SIXTY activities to keep even the most impulsive neurodivergent child occupied.

Did we mention this game-changing workbook it has over 5,000 ratings? It does, so you know it’s bringing the heat!

What is the ADHD workbook for kids?

When you hear “workbook” and “ADHD” together you might have the wrong impression–this isn’t busy work they’ll be done with before lunch. The author, Kelli Miller, is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist and her goal is to educate kids about their brains and how they can feel more confident and gain control of their ADHD, like when they’re playing with friends.

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This workbook is geared toward kids ages seven through 12 and developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, two things kids with ADHD desperately need. They'll eagerly pay attention, and have fun doing it.

The activities in the workbook include identifying symptoms of ADHD, different ways ADHD can present itself as well as the various kinds of ADHD (don’t forget, ADHD can look different in girls!). Plus, the workbook offers scoop on how to harness the special way ADHD brains work. Spoiler alert: they're wonderful.

With clever pictographs and illustrations, kids gain confidence through self-identifying and learning words and phrases to identify their experience while coloring, doing word searches and playing pretend. Parents and kids alike benefit from activities like “fill in the blanks” that encourage kids to identify what they are good at and potential triggers for meltdowns from a long list. There's also plenty of space to fill in triggers that might not be mentioned.

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Brain Break Tic-Tac-Toe offers a large square grid, each square lists a self-regulating activity they can use to help stay on track, like standing up and stretching or getting a drink of water while working. These critical thinking and self-reflecting pages really empower kids to advocate for themselves as they identify where they need the most help.

It also helps children with ADHD narrow down what they need and where they are excelling, because they to hear good things about themselves just as much as neuro-typical kids. Side note: using positive reinforcement for all types of kids is generally a win.

The best Thriving With ADHD reviews

Ashanti, a mom and verified Amazon purchaser writes, "My daughter is really enjoying reading and learning things that make sense to her brain and in effect, help her feel seen."

"My 8-year-old and I love this book," shares Kayla, a five-star reviewer. "It has been great at explaining how ADHD works. He seems to not be so sad about ADHD after we work in it. Also, it helps me and others understand more of what he needs. I recommend this ADHD workbook!"


"I absolutely love this workbook," writes verified Amazon purchaser, E. Bund. "My 10-year-old suffers from ADHD, and unfortunately I do as well, so it is harder for me to read through ADHD books for adults to figure out how I can help him. The workbook starts with an explanation of what ADHD is and what it means, all written in a language that kids really understand. It is a very positive explanation of ADHD so kids don't feel like they are dumb or there is something bad about this."

Where to buy the Thriving With ADHD workbook for kids

You can find the Thriving with ADHD workbook on Amazon and where it's available in either soft cover or Kindle options. It ships fast and free for Prime members to both the US and Canada. One thing to note: This book does not replace an official diagnosis from a licensed professional and is a learning tool to help live a fully successful, happy life with ADHD.

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