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We've partnered with the Chatelaine Kitchen to create family-friendly recipes. Every recipe we publish comes with their Triple-Tested Guarantee.

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What is triple-tested? The Chatelaine Kitchen creates, develops and tests every recipe at least three times (sometimes more!) to make sure it’s delicious and foolproof. They also make sure it’s easy to follow and shop for. Their professional testers weigh all the ingredients for nutritional analysis, verify how long it takes to prep and cook each recipe and check if it can be made ahead. They re-taste and adjust as needed. To confirm results in different kitchens, recipes are also tested at home — by us or by you. Sign up to be a home tester:

Prep & Total Times When testing a recipe, they always set a timer. Prep time refers to active chopping, stirring time, while total is the time it takes from walking into the kitchen to sitting down at the table to eat.

Nutritional Analysis They do their very best to ensure every recipe meets their strict guidelines and is nutritionally responsible. They are particularly careful around calories, sodium and saturated fats, and ensure that main courses always have a minimum amount of protein (11g). However, in special cases they believe that delicious, homemade food is good for you no matter what the numbers say!

Serving Size In general, they calculate serving sizes according to a typical adult portion. So if your 10-year-old hockey star can eat like a horse, or your 6-year-old eats like a bird, take that into account.

This article was originally published on Oct 02, 2014

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