Sweet Potato says... make lunches they'll eat

Thanks to a little creativity, these school lunches will likely be devoured

By Ceri Marsh and Laura Keogh
Sweet Potato says... make lunches they'll eat

Photo: Maya Visnyei

I’m just going to get this out there right away: I have yet to pack a school lunch. Yep, never done it.

My babies have both been at an amazing daycare a few days a week where they make great, healthy, hot lunches for the kids. But as of Tuesday I join the ranks of lunch-makers as my daughter begins full-time, senior kindergarten. And it’s near the top of my list of anxieties about the whole going-to-big-school thing. Right up there with the school bus and what if she hates French immersion?

But here’s my plan: make lunches I think stand a shot at being consumed at lunchtime. I understand from the veterans that it’s a long shot but it’s good to have goals, right?

My strategy is going to be packing lots of little things, rather than the big, old sandwich and an apple that I remember kids schlepping in my day. So, a bit a fruit, a couple of slices of cheese, a handful of whole grain crackers, a mini muffin…. I’m thinking buffet-style.

Not that I’m against packing sandwich, I just don’t think it needs to be the main event. I like these little pinwheel sandwiches and my girl loves how small and easy they are to eat. Really, any filling can go in them but they’re easiest with tuna and egg salad.

Oh, and my girl? She can’t wait for the bus, for the French and her brand new lunch box.

Sandwich Sushi
4 slices whole wheat bread
?Tuna salad (drained, mixed with a bit of mayo and diced pickle)?
Egg salad (hard boiled, mashed with a bit of mayo and a tiny bit of dijon and diced celery)?

1. Stack your bread neatly and use a serrated knife to cut off the crusts.

2. Take one piece of bread at a time and use a rolling pin to flatten it. You want it to be quite thin and flexible, particularly at the ends.

3. Spoon a line of your filling along the edge of the flattened piece of bread. You’re creating about an inch and a half thick line of filling.

4. With the filling end toward you start rolling, making it as tight and snug as you can.

5. Place the sandwich down so that the seam is underneath as you roll up the rest of your sushi.

6. Once all the sandwiches have been rolled, use your serrated knife to cut each sandwich in half.

7. Stack them on their ends, close together to keep them from unraveling.

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This article was originally published on Aug 31, 2012

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