Cupcake decorating ideas: Super hero

Be a dessert superhero with this cape-worthy cupcake decorating idea. To make these treats, start by piping a blue icing swirl on each cupcake with a large star tip. Roll out red and yellow fondant to ⅛-in. thick. Cut out one 2½-in. red circle and one 2-in. yellow circle. Using a small round cutter, cut a wave pattern from edges of circles. Use a dab of icing to affix the yellow fondant on top of the red fondant. Using a red food colouring pen, draw dots all over yellow fondant. Cut the letters P, O and W from red fondant and colour the edges with black food colouring pen. Place letters on yellow fondant, using icing to secure, then place disc on top of decorated cupcake.

By Today's Parent
This article was originally published on May 05, 2014

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