8 superb supper salads

These salads are the perfect dinner when you need a taste of spring.

By Madeline Morra
8 superb supper salads

8 superb supper salads

01superb supper salads

Do you think "kid-friendly" and "salads" go together as well as oil and vinegar? Then give one of these fun supper salad ideas a spin. You just might be surprised.

8 superb supper saladsPhoto: GRADYREESEphotography/iStock

Salmon salad dinner

Not only does this salad look incredible, but it tastes delicious.

Get the recipe here: Salmon salad dinner

8 superb supper salads


Colourful Mediterranean salad

This delicious salad is easy to make in advance, takes up little room in your fridge and can make a salad exciting for both kids and adults.

Get the recipe here: Colourful Mediterranean salad

8 superb supper salads

Salade garbage

This is a cool way to make dinner out of whatever you’ve got in the fridge. Plus your kids will love the name!

Get the recipe here: Salade garbage

8 superb supper saladsphoto: laura padgett/Flickr

Taco salad in an edible bowl

Ok, it’s true – it’s the edible bowl thing that makes this salad. It's both delicious and it cuts down on dishwashing.

Get the recipe here: Taco salad in an edible bowl

8 superb supper saladsphoto: architecturegeek/Flickr


Pizza pasta salad

Throw all your favourite pizza toppings into a pasta salad and turn it into a pizza pasta salad. Or is it a pasta salad pizza?

Get the recipe here: Pizza pasta salad

8 superb supper saladsphoto: Wade Courtney/Flickr

Beef fajita salad

Make sure you prepare this salad ahead of time to give it time to chill.

Get the recipe here: Beef fajita salad

8 superb supper saladsphoto: anotherpintplease/Flickr

Greek monster salad

This salad isn't all tossed together, so your kids can choose to eat (or not eat) whatever parts they like.

Get the recipe here: Greek monster salad

8 superb supper saladsphoto: blue celt/Flickr


Couscous chickpea salad

This salad is substantial enough to be a main dish, light enough to enjoy on a hot day. You can add some diced tofu or cooked chicken to this, but it stands up well enough just the way it is.

Get the recipe here: Couscous chickpea salad

8 superb supper saladsphoto:blue moon in her eyes/Flickr

Get more recipes here

8 superb supper salads
This article was originally published on Jun 18, 2012

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