Curly Noodle Lunch

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4 servings

This curly noodle lunch is one of our favourite bombproof last-minute meals. It turns practically no ingredients into real food in less than 15 minutes. You can use ground chicken or turkey instead of the beef.


  • 500 g lean ground beef
  • 1 85-g pkg Oriental noodle soup , any flavour
  • 1 cup frozen corn , or mixed vegetables
  • 1 540-mL can stewed tomatoes


  • In a large skillet, over medium heat, cook the ground beef, stirring until browned. Drain off fat, if any.
  • Sprinkle in the seasoning packet from the noodles, the corn or vegetables and the stewed tomatoes. Bring to a boil. Meanwhile, have your child crumble the noodles into a bowl. Add the crumbled noodles to the mixture in the skillet.
  • Cover and cook, stirring a couple of times, for about 10 minutes – until the ground beef is fully cooked and the noodles are tender.