Why the 2020 Hyundai Palisade is the best SUV for a large family

Key safety features, a spacious interior and kid-friendly functions make this new model the perfect family vehicle.

Renee in Hyundai Palisade outside a building that says "sunshine" on the wall Photo: Renee LeBlanc

Now that we’re a family of six and can no longer all fit into my husband Cory’s five-seater, we decided we officially need a vehicle upgrade. So, we began our hunt for the perfect SUV to get our large family around. After taking the new Hyundai Palisade out for a spin with the kids, it’s now a top contender. We loved all of the cool safety features and found it to be very spacious–there was more than enough room to comfortably pack it with everyone’s things for a little family adventure.

Room for everyone and everything

The reason why we were interested in testing out the Hyundai Palisade is because it's so roomy and offers seating for seven or eight people. We tested the seven-passenger SUV with captain seats which is the perfect size for our family. Every row has comfortable, quilted leather seats that are great for longer car rides. The boys loved that they had the ability to adjust their seats to lean back in the third row. The seats are really easy to clean, too. This is important to us as we now have four little ones in the back who are constantly snacking and spilling all over the place. And speaking of snacking, the cargo space made it easy to grocery shop with all four kids. The trunk gave us more than enough room to pack all of our food and toiletries for the week so we didn’t have to play grocery Tetris and pack everything around the kids in the back like we used to. The trunk space is also easily accessible, thanks to the rear power tailgate that’s activated with proximity: you just have to walk towards the trunk and it opens for you, which is awesome when you have your hands full with kids and groceries.

Renee's kids inside of Hyundai Palisade Photo: Renee LeBlanc

Perfect for road trips

Not only is the Palisade great for large families on a day-to-day basis, but it’s also the perfect ride if you enjoy going on longer road trips. When we were in the car for long periods of time with the kids, we found it handy that the Palisade comes stacked with a total of seven USB power outlets so they can connect their devices and watch a movie if they get bored. If the kids happened to doze off in the back or just needed some quiet time, we were able to select a function called Quiet Mode, which allowed us–the front row passengers–to listen to music while muting the rear speakers for the kiddos. However, our favourite feature has to be the vehicle intercom! It projects the voice of the front passengers to the rear seats so that the kids can hear everything mom and dad are saying. The kids thought this was a real hoot! Fun aside, it really is such a great feature to utilize as a parent.

Renee in driver's seat of Hyundai Palisade Photo: Renee LeBlanc

All the safety features a parent looks for

When testing out a new vehicle, one of the most important things we pay attention to as parents are the safety features. We like to go on road trips with the kids, so it was really helpful that the Palisade offered All-Wheel Drive with Multi-Terrain Control modes. There is a Rear Occupant Alert, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Front and Rear Parking distance warning with 360-degree camera. I find the cameras really come in handy for parking and to show the blind spot in the gauge cluster. The beeping alert really helps you feel save when you’re driving with the kids.

Final word

Overall, we really felt Hyundai outdid themselves with the Palisade. The vehicle is innovative and thoughtful, and you can really tell they had families in mind when designing this model. If you have a large family and you’re in the market for a new vehicle, I highly recommend taking the Palisade out for a test drive and checking out all the awesome features for yourself!

This article was originally published on Aug 12, 2019

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