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VTech Stroll and Discover Activity Walker

VTech Stroll and Discover Activity Walker

Best forBabies (9+ months) and toddlers who are crawling and learning to walk

Top BenefitsDetachable activity panel, interactive songs and sounds to teach baby colours, numbers, shape and animals, designed to grow with baby

ConsiderationsIncludes sounds

Bottom lineYour kid will have a ball learning to walk with the Stroll and Discover Activity Walker

Buy CAD $49.99 USD $39.99


  • 2 wheel speeds to accommodate baby's first wobbly steps and active toddlers
  • Detachable activity panel for pre-walkers
  • More than 100 sounds, songs and phrases


Bells? Check. Whistles? You bet. The VTech Stroll and Discover Activity Walker is colourful, entertaining and loaded with skill-developing activities for your curious little one. With piano keys that light up and play tunes, a roller that rattles and a detachable play phone (to name just a few of the many fun features), this walker is designed to encourage language development, discovery and exploration, while also building motor skills. And while it features a ton of songs and sounds, you’ll be happy to know you can adjust the volume (music to our ears!). We especially like that VTech thought to extend the life of the walker, giving this one a removable play table that younger babies can interact with on the floor before they get their feet under them. When your kid starts pulling themselves up, the wheels can be locked, offering stability, and once they’re on the move, there are two wheel speed settings: one to help out your baby in that early wobbly-walk stage, and another to let her zip through your home like a champ.

My daughter loves it and is learning to walk with it. It's very easy to use, is made of quality material and it's affordable—win!” —Rosemary, mom of one

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