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Tiny Love Inspiral Rainstick Ball

By Lisa Fielding

Tiny Love Inspiral Rainstick Ball

Best forBabies 3 months and up

Top BenefitsEncourages motor skill development, entertaining colours and textures

ConsiderationsFeatures are limited to rattling sound, textures and ability to roll it as a ball

Bottom lineThe Tiny Love Inspiral Rainstick Ball combines soft sounds of a rainstick with textured ropes and bright colours to stimulate baby’s senses.


amazon.caCAD $9.99
idealbaby.comUSD $5.99


  • Spiral design with somewhat grippy exterior
  • Gentle rattle sound and soft tickling strings stimulate baby's senses
  • When babies begin to crawl, they can push this toy around the floor


When a baby is learning fine motor skills, balls and larger objects can be frustratingly hard to grasp. The Tiny Love Inspiral Rainstick Ball is unique in that its shape involves a spiral cutout that’s perfect for little hands. Shaking the toy, which is about the size of a softball, creates several intriguing sounds and moves the tiny coloured beads inside the clear tube, producing a soothing rainstick effect, while there are different textures to explore in the slightly grippy exterior and the yellow satin ropes that protrude from the top. When the ball is placed a little out of reach, babies will be motivated to move to grab the colourful sphere, helping make tummy time and learning to crawl a little more engaging. And hey, when kids try a new challenge and succeed—without frustration—everyone wins!

It’s not just a rattle. It’s neat to be able to see all the noisy balls bounce from one end of the core to the next. The shape of this toy is also super cool, and one that I know intrigues my baby.” —Colleen, mom of one
This article was originally published on Oct 13, 2018