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Stikbot Dino Movie Set

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Best for Dino fans ages 4 and up who love to make videos
Top benefits Builds storytelling skills, teaches kids how to make stop motion animated films
Considerations iPad or smartphone needed to create videos
Bottom line Stikbot Dino Movie Set puts your kid in the director/videographer/video editor’s seat to make their own dinosaur-themed stop motion films with the help of the Stikbot Studio app.
Buy CAD $24.97 USD $35.95


  • Cardboard set pieces and Stikbot figure included (dinosaur figures sold separately)
  • Use with free Stikbot Studio app (iOS, Android) to make stop-motion animation video
  • Integrates with all other Stickbot sets


Lights, camera, action! This trendy toy is roaring back to life with the Stikbot Dino Movie Set, perfect for your little kid’s directorial debut. Stikbot allows kids to create their own stop-motion animation films using figurines, a DIY green screen and props. Building the set does require adult assistance (the pieces need to match up correctly to numbered slots), and a bit of care too, since the props and backdrop are made of cardboard. Once it’s ready, the movie set becomes a great way to for kids to engage in imaginative play on their own or with friends. There are six poseable dinosaur figures available (sold separately), so kids can also explore and create their very own prehistoric world. Stikbot also has a free smartphone app (Stikbot Studio) that lets kids film multiple frames on the set, and then stitch it all together with music and sound effects to create their very own movie. Jurassic Park Jr., anyone?

The dinosaur-park structures are interesting and multi-playable. They make for a great movie set.” —Craig, dad of one