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STEM Amusement Park Set

STEM Amusement Park Set

Best forKids ages 8 and up who love building and STEM kits

Top BenefitsTeaches principles of engineering, encourages experimental building and design

ConsiderationsSimilarly-coloured parts can add to the challenge at times

Bottom lineThe STEM Amusement Park Set encourages kids to explore science, engineering, technology and math through the building of a range of structures, from simple to complex.


enginocanada.caCAD $229.99


  • Instructions for 8 models
  • Instruction book with theories, facts, activities and quizzes
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries


Calling all budding engineers and scientists: it’s time to get your build on. The STEM Amusement Park Set makes complex concepts accessible for kids, so they can learn how structural components work together to create awesome structures. And is there any better way to do it than by building motorized amusement park rides? Kids can build seven models, including a Ferris wheel, the London Eye and a merry-go-round. The different structures range in difficulty from pretty simple to quite complex, which allows kids to build based on their skill level. Cool factor: The instruction book features illustrated building instructions but also theory and facts, experimental activities and even a quiz to expand learning opportunities. Plus, your kid can get totally experimental and make their own things, so this toy won’t end up at the back of a closet. The materials are durable, so you'll be able to hand it down—assuming you don't end up playing around with it.

It's a great toy for a wide age range, with projects of varying complexity. It keeps the kids interested for hours at a time and gives them a great grasp of engineering principals. It's also something that kids enjoy playing with by themselves, giving other family members some personal time!” —Melissa, mom of one
This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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