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Splattosaurus game

Splattosaurus game

Best forKids ages 4 years and up who are learning to play board games

Top BenefitsEasy to play, fun game that encourages silliness

ConsiderationsModelling clay can leave behind residue on hands and surfaces (washes off with soap)

Bottom lineWith minimal strategy and only light counting skills required, Splattosaurus makes a great starter game for dino-loving kids.


amazon.caCAD $19.99
amazon.comUSD $14.95


  • Easy to understand the rules and play the game
  • Comes with modelling clay (4 colours) and mould to make dinosaur playing pieces
  • Fun and silly game that's entertaining for younger and older siblings


With Splattosaurus, it’s a race to get your baby dinosaur through the jungle and safely home before your opponents do. This simple board game hits a number high notes for kids: It combines dinosaurs, modelling clay, and some good-natured competitive “splatting” of your opponents' dinosaurs. Suitable for two to four players, the Splattosaurus game appeals to a broad age group, too. It’s easy to explain to preschoolers, yet the gameplay is engaging enough to hold the interest of older kids. Instead of plastic or metal game pieces, players create their own baby dinosaurs with modelling clay and a small mold. (We recommend placing clay in resealable bags once you've opened them.) Players draw cards, to advance around the board, trying to avoid having their baby dinos flattened by others. Counting, strategic thinking and friendly competition are all part of the play, as is the opportunity to teach good sportsmanship. The game’s winning quality, though, is its pure fun factor.

All of my kids were able to play this game. It was great that my four-year-old could understand and interact with this game without much help at all.”—Melissa, mom of two

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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