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SmartLab Spa Soaps Forest Friends

SmartLab Spa Soaps Forest Friends

Best forKids ages 8 and up who like DIY projects

Top BenefitsA fun DIY for kids, STEAM toy

ConsiderationsAdult assistance recommended, additional materials needed to create some soaps

Bottom lineSmartLab Spa Soaps Forest Friends is a fun DIY soap-making kit that allows kids to create their own unique, soapy forest friends from scratch while learning about science.


jrtoycanada.caCAD $19.95
henrybear.comUSD $19.99


  • 3 molds with 15 shapes
  • White and clear glycerin soap bases
  • 3 colorant bars allow kids to blend their own hues


SmartLab Spa Soaps Forest Friends is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) toy that combines learning with good clean fun. In addition to tips on how to mix colours and create different effects (e.g., marbling, layering, 3D designs and more), Spa Soaps Forest Friends gives your kid the freedom to improvise their own soapy creations. We were impressed with the large instruction booklet that provided lots of great photos, tips and even recipes for turning soaps into something else, like a scrub. Extra materials may be needed depending on how creative your kid wants to get, but look no further than your pantry for special additions. Adults will need to oversee some heat-related aspects, namely melting glycerin and pouring hot mixtures into molds, although the tools provided make pouring very easy. Whether you choose to use your child’s creations at home or package them up as gifts (a great gift idea for grandparents), this DIY activity is as fun as it is practical.

The Spa Soaps Forest Friends soap-making kit kept my kids busy for a whole afternoon. They liked making their own soap, and I liked that they inadvertently learned about the science behind it. It would be a great thing to have on hand for last-minute birthday presents, or in case of a rainy day.” —Jessica, mom of two

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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