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Our Generation Lifeguard Playset

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Best for Kids who love playing with dolls and are big fans of the beach or pool
Top benefits Imaginative play, helps encourage water safety
Considerations Includes small pieces
Bottom line This well-made playset is a great addition to your kid's doll play, and has the bonus benefit of helping remind them of the importance of water safety.
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  • Lifeguard chair fits Our Generation 18-inch dolls
  • Set includes functioning megaphone, swimsuit, beach towel, sunscreen bottle, water bottle, sunglasses, binoculars, whistle and life preservers
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)


Making sure everyone stays safe in the pool and sea is an important job, and a lifeguard needs all the tools of the trade at hand. The Our Generation Lifeguard Playset pairs perfectly with Seabrook, OG’s lifeguard doll (sold separately), but you can also use the set with any of their 18-inch dolls. The set includes a lifeguard chair to keep an eye on swimmers, a megaphone that magnifies your kid’s voice, life preservers, a swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, a beach towel and more. If you do get Seabrook, you’ll end up with doubles of the swimsuit, megaphone, binoculars, whistle and life preservers—but that just means two pals can play as a mighty lifeguarding duo.

It’s great because it comes with extra accessories and an extra swimsuit, so you can play with two dolls (if you have Seabrook).” —Alexandra, mom of two