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Manhattan Toy STEM Blox

Manhattan Toy STEM Blox

Best forToddlers 12 months and up

Top BenefitsBuilds motor skills, introduces letters, numbers and colour recognition

ConsiderationsBlocks have sharp corners, some blocks are small

Bottom lineManhattan Toy STEM Blox give kids a jumpstart on a variety of learning opportunities, from stacking and building, to simple math problems and basic word building.


well.caCAD $52


  • Blocks of different shapes and sizes featuring letters, numbers, punctuation and math symbols
  • Draw-string bag for storage
  • Colourfully painted designs


If your baby isn’t playing with STEM toys shortly after emerging from the womb, they will be totally behind come the start of junior kindergarten. Just kidding! But seriously, activities that involve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts are important for all kinds of development, from gross and fine motor skills to spatial awareness and mathematical reasoning. A must for any toy box, alphabet blocks are one of the easiest ways to introduce these kinds of skills. Manhattan Toy STEM Blox do that concept one better by including numbers, punctuation marks, mathematical symbols and blocks of different sizes and colours. Made of wood with a durable painted finish in a pleasing subdued palette, this 33-piece set of top-quality blocks can be used by kids from the time they are able to stack objects until they’re old enough to start learning about spelling and rudimentary math concepts, such as fractions. This longevity makes this a great legacy toy, and a handy storage bag allows for easy clean-up and less chance of losing pieces—some of which are small enough for little ones to fit in their mouths, so keep a watchful eye or hold those back until your tot has grasped the "no toys in your mouth" rule. It’s also easy to take these blocks along when out and about, and parents were impressed with how long the blocks kept their babes engaged.

Compared to other block sets, l like that this one includes blocks of different sizes and incorporates punctuation with the letters—that’s a nice touch!” —Karen, mom of one

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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