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Manhattan Toy Rocking Musical Chicken

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Best for Toddlers 12 months and up who are ready to shake, rattle and roll
Top benefits Encourages musicality and rhythm development, painted in bright colours to appeal to toddlers
Considerations Maraca pops out of place if toy is dropped, may cause damage if thrown
Bottom line The Manhattan Toy Rocking Musical Chicken is a sweet, music-making toy that will encourage your child discover their inner musician.
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  • 4 instruments: maraca, cymbal, clacking wings and xylophone (drumstick included)
  • Wood has a water-based, non-toxic finish
  • Bright and colourful design to catch your child's attention


If the words “rocking musical chicken” don’t scream fun times, we don’t know what does. Painted with a delightful folk-art motif, this no-assembly-required wooden toy is as pretty as it is entertaining, so you won’t mind having it on display in your living room instead of stashed in a toy box. With five musical instruments—including a detachable tail-feather maraca, a cymbal on the chicken’s head and a xylophone (to be played with the removable wooden drumsticks, of course!) along its back—toddlers will love all the ways they can make “music” by tapping, shaking or clacking the wings and other parts. While it is a noisy toy, depending on how hard it’s played (c’mon, it is a wooden musical chicken!), our kid testers were so enamoured with it that their parents felt the entertainment value was well worth enduring the barrage of banging. One caveat: While it should stand up to some rough play, the toy is hard enough to dent something (or someone) if thrown. If wooden toys that teach rhythm and promote musicality are your jam, Manhattan Toy Rocking Musical Chicken is the perfect way to shake a tail feather.

While my ears were crying, my kid had a blast playing with this musical chicken. She loved discovering all of the different ways it made noise, and it was something we could play with together as a family.” —Simone, mom of one