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Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab

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Best for Curious preschoolers ages 3 and up
Top benefits Gets kids interested in science, fun experiments, quality construction
Considerations Lab bench requires a fair amount of space, requires 3 AA batteries
Bottom line Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab introduces preschoolers to the sciences with a range of fun experiments that can be done with common household materials.
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  • Instructions for 20 experiments to encourage STEM learning
  • 20 lab accessories including test tubes, stirring spoons, stirring stick, eyedropper, lab goggles, removable lab tray and maze components
  • 40+ sounds and phrases


Move over play kitchens and workshops—the interactive Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab is here to electrify your preschooler’s innate curiosity. Cool sounds, phrases and a light-up circuit centre bring the lab to life and draw little Curies and Einsteins in as they explore science, technology engineering and math through early learning. The set comes with (washable) lab accessories, including test tubes and beakers, plus 20 hands-on experiments printed on spill-proof cards (and there are even more experiments available online). Just watch your little scientists’ reactions as they make bubbles, snow, vampire blood, stretchy slime and more using common household materials. The illustrated experiments are simple enough for kids to follow, although the manual still recommends adult supervision (which is fine because you’ll totally want to get in on the fun). We also love that even if an experiment doesn’t work out, kids can use trial and error to problem-solve a solution—a must-have skill for future innovators!

It’s an educational toy, without the boys even realizing it. It shows them how STEM activities can be fun and incorporated into everyday life. As a parent I enjoy seeing their excitement and interacting with them as they are trying new things.” —Jason, dad of three