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Lego Ninjago Firstbourne

Lego Ninjago Firstbourne

Best forLego fans ages 9 to 14, especially those who like the Lego Ninjago series

Top BenefitsBuilding toy, teaches kids to follow directions, encourages creativity and imaginative play

ConsiderationsCompleted dragon needs to be handled with some care, includes toy weaponry

Bottom lineLego Ninjago fans will be flying high as they assemble and then play with this incredible ninja warrior set that includes a dragon with flapping wings and a helicopter

Buy $89.99 $69.99


  • Dragon features flapping wings and swiping tail
  • HunterCopter helicopter has a minifigure cockpit and spinning rotor
  • Includes 6 Lego Ninjago minifigures: Kai, Cole, Heavy Metal, Jet Jack, Chew Toy and Muzzle


Lego Ninjago Firstbourne takes building to new heights with the Firstbourne dragon, a spectacular figure with flapping wings, a swishing tale and moveable limbs. And where there's a dragon, Dragon Hunters are sure to follow—in the HunterCopter, to be precise. It boasts a spinning rotor, projectile shooters and a Vengestone Chain, which can stealthily lower one of the Dragon Hunter minifigures, or dangle a little cooked turkey to entice Firstbourne. This set is guaranteed to encourage patience and concentration (it takes a while to build), as well as creative play. Plus, for kids familiar with The Lego Ninjago Movie, they can incorporate the film’s plot into playtime. And with so many figures—from the dragon to Dragon Hunters and ninja heroes Kai and Cole—it’s easy for everyone to role play.

My kid loved the challenge of assembling the Lego Ninjago Firstbourne set, and he and enjoys playing with it on his own and with friends. Another great addition to his Lego collection.” —Liz, mom of three

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