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Lego Juniors Stephanie’s Lakeside House

Lego Juniors Stephanie’s Lakeside House

Best forKids ages 4 to 7 who are just beginning to get into building Lego sets on their own

Top BenefitsSimple building instructions, inspires creativity and imaginative play

ConsiderationsSmall pieces should be kept away from kids under 3 years

Bottom lineLego Juniors Stephanie's Lakeside House is a fun introduction to Lego for little kids, offering lots of opportunities for imaginative play.

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  • 2-level lakeside house with hinge doors, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, basketball hoop and outdoor fire pit
  • Includes 3 minifigures, water scooters and life jackets, and a dog
  • Comes with a variety of accessories: a guitar, marshmallow sticks, smartphone, baskets and more


Young Lego builders whose imaginative play tends toward real-life scenarios will feel right at home with Lego Juniors Stephanie's Lakeside House. This 215-piece set comes with simple build booklets to make a two-level lakeside house. Younger kids might need some help to piece everything together, but Lego fans will have this house up in no time. Like most Lego sets, this one comes with a bunch of accessories to enhance the storytelling experience (we liked the rotating TV, moveable ladder and lounge chair with adjustable headrest). Will minifigures Stephanie, Andrea and Olivia sit around the fire pit roasting marshmallows, shoot some hoops or race each other on the water scooters? More importantly, will your kid combine this house with other Lego sets, or take it apart to build again?

What an amazing toy! My daughter was able to put the whole set together with very little help. I loved how the instruction booklet had minimal words so my six-year-old could assemble it without having to read the instructions. She was super proud of what she accomplished.”—Stephanie, mom of one

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