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Lego City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

Lego City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

Best forLego fans ages 7 to 12, especially those who like to build vehicles with moving parts

Top BenefitsBuilding toy, teaches kids to follow directions, encourages creativity and imaginative play

ConsiderationsCompleted set needs to be handled with some care

Bottom lineLego City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base will spark your kid’s creativity as them come up with cool scenarios for exploring the North.

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  • Mammoth figure is encased in
  • Vehicles include a crane featuring several moving parts, a mobile lab unit, a mobile saw, and a snow bike
  • Includes 6 minifigures: 4 arctic explorers, 1 arctic expedition leader and 1 driver


An expedition team. A snow bike and a mobile lab with radar dish. Cool mini-figures. A massive mammal encased in a large ice build complete with translucent white and blue bricks. The Lego City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base is classic Lego with everything a kid needs for hours of imaginative play. As expected with Lego sets, the instructions are thorough, clearly labelled with coloured images, and assembly is detailed step by step (and there are a lot of steps: four booklets of instructions, ranging from 40 to 80 pages each). Kids under 10 may need some help, so if you’re building together in stages, you may want to store it on a shelf in between play. Sturdy, good quality, and an excellent investment, your kid can always use the blocks to build different things if it comes apart, or it could be fun to rebuild. Plus, Lego is one thing that even adults don’t outgrow.

The boys have played with this toy for hours on end—every day since we received it, and they even packed it up to take it on a road trip. Plus, they've used various elements in their own imagined scenarios.” —Theresa, mom of two

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