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LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

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Best for Toddlers and preschoolers ages 1 to 3 years
Top benefits Adjustable volume, encourages sharing, interactive sounds help little ones develop independent and imaginative play
Considerations Sounds may be a bit loud for some but are adjustable and can be turned off, requires 2 AA batteries
Bottom line Bright, colourful and interactive, the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party teaches toddlers social skills, motor skills and more through imaginative play.
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  • Set includes teapot, 2 teacups, 5 cake slices and a cake stand
  • Features songs and learning activities that teach kids numbers, colours and shapes
  • LCD screen on the teapot lights up to indicate the flavour of tea in the pot


Get ready to raise a pinky as you play with your toddler and the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party. The set comes with two teacups, a plate full of colourful cake pieces and a pink teapot that engages multiple senses. A tip of the teapot produces pouring sounds that dwindle to a drop when the pot is “empty,” while the front window shows the level of “tea” decreasing and flashes in six colours. Seven cute tea-time songs teach kids numbers, and when your little one begins to understand the concept, they’ll love hosting tea parties to share their treats and show off their best manners with friends, family or even their dolls and stuffies. You’ll appreciate that there’s minimal assembly, and that if the party gets a little too rowdy, you can turn the sounds off. (Though there are two volume options, low is still pretty loud.) We love that the toy encourages toddlers to play imaginatively, either on their own or with others, while also teaching them about colours, numbers, matching shapes and etiquette. With this set’s potential for years of make-believe fun, the only question left is, “One lump, or two?”

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much this toy has captured my daughter’s attention and encouraged independent play. That in itself makes it a great value for us.” —Karen, mom of one