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LatchKits Mermaid Kit

LatchKits Mermaid Kit

Best forKids ages 6 to 9 who enjoy crafts and DIY kids

Top BenefitsEncourages patience and concentration, develops fine motor skills

ConsiderationsTrimming yarn can be a bit messy

Bottom lineThe LatchKits Mermaid is a fun and simple craft that kids can do themselves at their own pace.


amazon.comUSD $19.99


  • Comes with crochet hook, pre-cut yarn and canvas mat
  • Colour-coded grid for easy crafting
  • Canvas has fabric loops on the back for easy hanging once complete


Young crafters will love creating their own fuzzy mini-rug from scratch with the Kahoots LatchKits Mermaid kit. With a little bit of practice, our young testers were able to get the hang of the craft, which involves using a crochet hook to loop, hoop and pull pieces of super-soft yarn through a colour-coded, canvas-mesh background. The result? An adorable mermaid mini-rug that can be hung on the wall (the fabric-trimmed canvas includes loops for this) or used as a fun rug for dolls. We love that the kit isn’t meant to be finished in one sitting, but is an activity kids can come back to again and again until the craft is complete. Parents appreciated that the threading helps develop fine motor skills, while also providing a quiet activity kids can do on their own. And everyone agreed: kids really get a sense of pride and accomplishment when the rug is finished.

Once we both got the hang of threading the wool through the needle and then the tapestry, it was really a lot of fun. You could see how proud and happy she was at what she was accomplishing.” —Harper, mom of two
This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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