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Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex

Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex

Best forKiddos who love dinosaurs and imaginative play

Top BenefitsDynamic T-Rex features, colour-changing eyes, volume-adjustable roar

ConsiderationsQuite large and bulky

Bottom lineWith its not-too-scary roar and colour-changing, illuminated eyes, your little dinosaur lover will be wowed by the Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex.


toysrus.caCAD $129.99
amazon.comUSD $99


  • Handle trigger controls T-Rex's chomping, roaring and glowing-red mouth
  • Power Pad changes T-Rex's eyes from red to green and dilates its pupils
  • Accessories include holding base, launcher with 2 projectiles, vehicle, Owen figurine


The ferocious Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex is on the loose and your young adventurer is the only one who can get it under control. This easy-to-assemble set features a substantial 32.5-inch-long T-Rex, a tower base plus vehicle and Owen figure. The handle on the back of the hefty dinosaur allows kids to lunge the dino forward with arms extended and mouth open, while the trigger button activates the beast's chomping action. Cool electronic features include a predator mode that dilates the dino’s eyes and turns them red, and an impressive roar that we found loud but not too scary, even on the highest setting. A launcher on the base tower sent a projectile flying five feet across our lab, so it's best to heed the instruction manual's warning not to aim at the eyes and face. Whether your kid is the T-Rex, Owen or any other characters they want to add in (more dinosaurs or, heck, even dolls or superhero figures), this set provides opportunities for creative play way beyond the film’s remote island setting.

Orson was entertained by this toy for longer than I expected. The lights, noises, figures and vehicle provided lots of opportunity for pretend play.” —Scott, dad of two
This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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