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Hot Tub High Dive game

Best for Kids ages 4 and up
Top benefits Simple yet exciting game, encourages patience and fair play
Considerations Has to be cleaned after each use, additional bubble solution will need to be purchased if kids play often
Bottom line The Hot Tub High Dive game is super fun and easy to play, and kids really get a kick out of the bubbles.
Buy CAD $29.99 USD $19.99


  • For 2 or more players
  • Comes with tub unit, diver figure and spinner
  • Demo bottle of bubble solution included


Sudsy fun reaches new heights with the Hot Tub High Dive game from Hasbro. This game adds an element of 3D bubbly surprise to the classic turn-taking board game. Players flick a numbered spinner to determine how many times each must push the button that makes the high diver climb the ladder. When he reaches precarious heights, one final push sends the diver tumbling into the bubble-filled tub below, splashing suds on the current player. The last player to get splashed wins. Hot Tub High Dive comes mostly assembled, and the illustrated instructions provide five easy steps for both setup and gameplay. Set up typically requires parental help, but kids can take it from there. The game goes quickly, and kids were definitely excited about the bubbles. While not a whole lot of water is needed to play, splashes make it ideal for tiled floors or outdoor play.

This is a great toy for teaching turn-taking skills to young children. The element of surprise using bubbles keeps my kids engaged and wanting to play with this over and over again!” —Elsie, mom of two