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Hape Rock Pool Squirters

Hape Rock Pool Squirters

Best forToddlers 12+ months

Top BenefitsFun and easy for kids to use, can be opened for cleaning, well made

ConsiderationsReassembling toys after cleaning can take some effort

Bottom lineThe Hape Rock Pool Squirters bring the fun to bath time while minimizing worries about mould growing inside thanks to removable parts that allow you to clean them thoroughly.



  • Bath toys that squirt water and suction to the side of the tub
  • Removable backings for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Made from silicone and dyed with soy ink


Get ready for some colourful bath-time fun with Hape Rock Pool Squirters. Made of high-quality soft silicone printed with soy-based ink, these cute and sturdy grippable crab and fish characters will have your little one clamouring to get clean. We love that Hape has addressed one common problem with bath toys—mould growth—by making the harder plastic parts (the crab’s back and the fish’s tail) removable, so you can clean and let the toys dry between uses. (Be warned: While this is a fantastic innovation, you’ll find reassembling the pieces requires some real effort.) Toddlers will love squeezing the sea creatures’ softer sections to suck up water and squirt it around, as well as using the fish’s suction cups to stick it to the side of the tub. Pro tip: Use bathtub markers to draw a target so kids have something to aim for other than you or the floor.

I love that you can remove the backs to let the toys dry completely so you don't have to worry about mould.” —Nicole, mom of one

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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