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Hape 6-in-1 Music Maker

Hape 6-in-1 Music Maker

Best forToddlers 18 months and up

Top BenefitsEncourages kids to explore music, not too loud, good construction

ConsiderationsSome kids may outgrow it fairly quickly

Bottom lineThe Hape 6-in-1 Music Maker helps your little one explore their inner rockstar with six different instruments.


babyenroute.caCAD $49.99
amazon.comUSD $31.5


  • 6 instruments: Drum, scratch board, tambourine, bell, xylophone and rattle ball
  • Sized to fit a toddler
  • Wooden body with colourful wooden, plastic and metal finishes


The Hape 6-in-1 Music Maker lets kids explore rhythm, sound and a range of instruments, including a xylophone, tambourine and drum, all within a non-electronic “guitar” that’s easy for toddlers to hold. The brightly coloured, high-quality wooden construction can stand up to rough-and-tumble play, and it has a durable finish that can be cleaned with a damp cloth (so you can always pass it along to other budding musicians in the future). Perhaps best of all, the Music Maker isn’t excessively loud, partly because of the muting effect of the rubber drumstick. (It's also the only detachable part, so there’s no need to worry about choking hazards.) As far as musical toys go, this is one parents won’t get sick of hearing in a hurry.

There are lots of different sound elements, and I love that it’s made of wood. A huge bonus is that the noises it produces aren’t ear-piercing.” —Nicole, mom of one
This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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