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Driven Recycling Truck

Driven Recycling Truck

Best forTruck lovers ages 4 and up

Top BenefitsVery realistic, mechanized loading rack, sounds and lights

ConsiderationsFairly large toy

Bottom lineRealistic, with lights, sounds and motorized parts, the Driven Recycling Truck is a must-have for young kids who are big fans of trucks.


indigo.caCAD $64.95
target.comUSD $34.99


  • Mechanized loading rack empties recycling bins and pushes recycling into the truck
  • Sliding wall pushes recycling out of truck, doors open and close
  • Light and music buttons on the truck's roof and steering wheel


This toy is made for the kid who lives for recycling pick-up day. With its realistic design and a load of interactive features, the Driven Recycling Truck is an excellent imaginative-play toy. The truck is large and has some weight to it, which speaks to its solid construction and excellent quality, but it isn't too much for kids. Your child can open this truck’s doors to see the interior, tilt the cab to reveal the engine, and operate the mechanized loading rack to empty the two included bins—all tasks that help develop fine motor skills. A button on the roof activates the headlights and engine noises, and pressing the steering wheel flashes the lights and sounds the horn. Parents were pleased the toy was easy enough for their kids to use without adult help: There’s no on/off switch to worry about, and the lights and sounds are brief and quiet enough not to be much of a nuisance (even without volume control). But most importantly, our kid testers loved it, too.

While it promotes imagination and lengthy play time, it also allows for teachable moments about recycling and its importance for our environment.” —Natalie, mom of two

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