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Don't Step In It game

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Best for Families with kids ages 4 and up
Top benefits Easy to play, modelling compound (poop) is reusable, fun for all ages
Considerations Modelling compound contains wheat and may dry out with repeated use
Bottom line Simple to play and quick to clean up, Hasbro's Don't Step In It game is a super fun and hilarious option for family game night and kids’ parties.
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  • Silly game that the whole family can enjoy
  • Simple set-up and play
  • Comes with washable play mat, blindfold, spinner, modelling compound and poop mold


Kids love poop humour, and so it’s no surprise that Hasbro’s Don’t Step In It game appeals to kids’ silliest sensibilities. Don’t Step In It includes a washable plastic game mat, spinner board, blindfold, plastic poop mold, and four cans of brown modelling compound (a.k.a. the “poop”). The mat and accessories are well-made and durable, with finishes unlikely to rub off with repeated play and cleaning. The non-toxic modelling compound may eventually dry out, but it can be easily replaced with any kids’ modelling compound (may we suggest rainbow unicorn poop?!), or revived with a few drops of water at a time. The game is easy to set up, with straightforward instructions and gameplay, although younger children might need help securing the blindfold and molding the poop. Players put on a blindfold, spin a spinner to determine the number of daring steps they’ll need to take, and cross the game mat—in bare feet, or course—while trying to avoid stepping in one of the small squishy poops. If you step in it, you’re out. Play continues this way until there’s only one person left. Kid testers loved Don’t Step In It from start to finish: gameplay was hilarious, from molding the poop to inevitably stepping in the little piles. The game is genuinely fun for the whole family—expect loads of laughter!

The most valuable thing is how much fun it is for the kids to do something they will never be allowed to do in real life!” —Jess, mom of two