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Mermaid Tail Jewelry Maker

Mermaid Tail Jewelry Maker

Best forKids ages 7 and up who enjoy crafting or jewelery-making

Top BenefitsA fun DIY for kids, hones fine motor skills, encourages creativity

ConsiderationsKids may initially need some help

Bottom lineThe Mermaid Tail Jewelery Maker takes the frustration out of beading and weaving so that kids can quickly and easily whip up bracelets and necklaces.



  • Mermaid tail tool to help kids avoid tangled cords
  • Comes with charms, pearls, shells and beads for embellishment
  • Materials to make 10+ necklaces and bracelets


Kids love making jewelrybut sometimes it can be frustrating for little hands to thread beads and charms onto a cord that just won’t stay still. Problem solved with Creativity for Kids’ Mermaid Tail Jewelry Maker. The mermaid tail tool holds and secures the cord as kids weave trendy fishtail braids, pearl bracelets and other seaworthy creations. This toy is sure to keep your little mermaids and mermen occupied—and you might even like to join in for some crafty fun, too. Clear and easy directions are included for multiple crafts, although younger kids might need help getting set up. Bonus: The braiding tool can be used to make even more bracelets with materials you may already have at home.

If you're looking for something to take up a couple of afternoons, and your kids are into mermaids, sparkly things and bracelets, the Mermaid Tail Jewelry Maker is a great option. My daughter needed a bit of help with knots and attaching the charms at first, but she got the hang of it by her second bracelet.” Jessica, mom of two

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