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Crayola Colour Chemistry Lab Set

By Donna Paris

Crayola Colour Chemistry Lab Set

Best forEncouraging an interest in STEAM in kids ages 7 and up

Top BenefitsSTEAM toy that encourages experimentation

ConsiderationsSome experiment components need to be sourced from your pantry, instruction book text is printed in a very small font size

Bottom lineFrom mixing colours to making an volcano erupt, the Crayola Colour Chemisty Lab Set will have your kid learning the basics of science as they experiment with colours and chemical reactions.


toysrus.caCAD $29.99


  • 50+ experiments (plus more available online)
  • Instructions explain how each experiment works
  • Tools for experiments are included


The scientists at Crayola take their hues seriously—and they’ve been busy creating a set of playful experiments exploring the subject of colour, of course. The Crayola Colour Chemistry Lab Set comes with 50 activities to teach kids about the principles of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) through the magic of colour. Experiments run the gamut from basic colour mixing to creating an erupting volcano with coloured lava. We like that each experiment has its own step-by-step, illustrated instructions (although the instruction booklet's print is quite small), including prompts for kids to make their own observations and conclusions about what they saw. Parents can rest easy that the art materials are nontoxic, but watch out for spills—you’re advised to clean them up immediately with soap and water. The best part? This isn’t a toy you have to toss out when the experiments are done; using everyday items, kids can use the instruction guide to conduct experiments over and over again.

It made STEAM appealing to the kids and fostered their curiosity. I appreciate how the female scientist was featured prominently, and that this toy is not gendered.” —Grace, mom of two

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018