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Brio World Smart Engine with Action Tunnels

Brio World Smart Engine with Action Tunnels

Best forPreschoolers ages 3 and up who love trains

Top BenefitsIntuitive and easy for preschoolers to use, expandable

ConsiderationsIncludes sounds, batteries required

Bottom lineWell made and easy to use, Brio World Smart Engine with Action Tunnels takes train play to the next level.


brio.usUSD $39.99


  • Smart technology enables the train move forwards and backwards on its own
  • Comes with two tunnels and one train
  • Blinking headlights


When your train-obsessed preschooler is ready to take their locomotive play to the next level, the Brio World Smart Engine with Action Tunnels might be just the ticket. Equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, the engine picks up signals from the two tunnels and responds accordingly, moving forward, backward or stopping entirely. (A word of caution: Other items with RFID technology can interfere with the Smart Engine and require it to be reset, so keep credit cards and the like away.) Kids will be challenged to remember which actions the train will perform based on the placement of the tunnels, allowing for lots of creative and imaginative play (plus, trains!), and you'll appreciate that the sounds and lights are unobtrusive but fun. As add-ons to existing train sets, the Smart Engine with Action Tunnels offer a super fun way to up the choo-choo game. We especially love that the Swedish company is committed to producing quality toys that will last, and that this set works with many other brands of wooden tracks, so there’s tons of potential for long-term use and expansion.

This is a great little toy. My kid knew intuitively how to use the buttons to make it go forward and backward and stop, and we had a good time playing together with it, setting up tracks and then making it go.” —Vanessa, mom of mom

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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