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Maki Stack game

Maki Stack game

Best forFamily game night, with kids ages 7 and up

Top BenefitsFun stacking challenges get kids to problem-solve and work together, a number of modes and difficulty levels

ConsiderationsBlingfolds (for mask mode) are a bit larger for younger kids

Bottom lineThe Maki Stack game puts accuracy and coordination to the test with challenges that involve precisely stacking wooden sushi pieces while racing to beat an opponent.


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amazon.comUSD $17.99


  • For 2 to 6 players
  • Wooden pieces include 2 each of: maki, California rolls, tobiko nigiri, soy sauce bottles and plates
  • Comes with 40 challenge cards, 2 sushi mats and 2 blindfolds


Combine stacking blocks with Japanese-inspired cuisine, and you get the Maki Stack game, a fun race to beat your opponent as you each try to complete stacking challenges. With simple instructions, kids can set up and play on their own. Wooden maki, California, and tobiko nigiri rolls, along with plates and soy sauce bottles, are divided between two players (or two teams), and then they need to quickly—and precisely—stack the pieces to match the challenge card. Sound too easy for your kids? The game’s different modes can increase the fun and difficulty, even for parents: Chopstick Mode allows players to use only two fingers to stack pieces, or one finger per teammate—with hilarious results! And in Mask Mode, blindfolds are added to the mix, though they might be a little too large for some kids, making it easy to sneak a peek. Regardless, the game offers tons of variation, making it a fun new favourite for family game night.

There's no ‘you cheated’ with this game. You either make the right stack or you mess it up. You can also make up your own stacks (with made-up rules), which gets those creative juices flowing." —Lisa, mom of two
This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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