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Blue Orange Games Happy Bunny game

Blue Orange Games Happy Bunny game

Best forKids ages 3 and up

Top BenefitsColourful graphics, easy to play, promotes cooperation

ConsiderationsSmall game pieces could pose a choking hazard for younger siblings

Bottom lineThe Happy Bunny game is fun and easy to play, and is grounded in cooperation over competitiveness.


amazon.caCAD $27.99


  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Bright colours and cute graphics with great kid appeal
  • Board is built into the box, keeping pieces contained


Help the bunny pick the best carrots in this cooperative board game in which up to four players work together. The Happy Bunny game is designed to develop counting and math skills, colour recognition and also teach social and cooperative rather than competitive play. The game earns high marks for cuteness, with bright and playful graphics, cardboard carrots and a wooden bunny play piece that will appeal to young kids. A couple of games take about 30 minutes to play through, and parents said Happy Bunny held their kids' attention throughout. One handy feature is this game is meant to be played directly in its box, which stores neatly and easily with its various pieces in place. This smart, portable design means pieces are easy to keep track of, and there’s no assembly required. Set up is very easy and straightforward, and while preschoolers may need some initial guidance from grown ups, they'll eventually learn to play with friends and siblings without help from parents.

The Happy Bunny board game is amazing. A refreshing game that isn't messy, isn’t reinforcing any fierce competition and builds a togetherness in kids as they have fun playing.” —Jasmine, mom of three
This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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