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Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Doll

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Doll

Best forKids ages 3 and up who like interactive dolls and have recently been potty-trained

Top BenefitsReinforces potty training and good bathroom habits, crisp sound quality, fun accessories

ConsiderationsRequires batteries

Bottom lineIt’s always potty time with the Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby!


toysrus.caCAD $79.99


  • Outfit includes big-girl underwear
  • Comes with potty, water bottle, pretend hand soap, reward chart with stickers and hair brush
  • Over 50 phrases, songs and sounds in English or Spanish


Diapers have been ditched with the latest Baby Alive doll in favour of big-girl underpants and a potty to help reinforce good bathroom habits. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby drinks from a water bottle, and after she's had her fill, she'll start to do her potty dance when your kid holds on to both of her hands. But there are no accidents here—she only pees when she's placed on her potty. This update of the classic doll comes with pretend hand soap (for hand-washing practice) and reward stickers to mark the doll’s potty training accomplishments. She also has over 50 sounds and phrases, which can be spoken in English or Spanish, and she can be set to say either “Mommy” or “Daddy.” Plus, we appreciate that this Baby Alive doll is available in a few skin tones and hair colours and textures.

I would recommend this doll for families who are approaching potty training. Such a great way to engage the child in the process and make it accessible for them to accomplish, too.” —Sabrina, mom of two

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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