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B. Toys B Mooosical Barn

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Best for Toddlers 18 months and up who love animals, music and hands-on play
Top benefits Interactive gears develop motor skills, animal figures are easy to grip, fun sounds and songs
Considerations Limited sound options
Bottom line B. Toys B Mooosical Barn is a barnyard full of fun that helps your toddler learn animal sounds, colours and shapes.
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  • 6 easy-grip animal figures with corresponding sounds and gears
  • 5 fun songs
  • Volume control and off switch


This raucous toy is one kids will naturally love: the B Mooosical Barn has plenty of dynamic sounds and action to keep them interested and engaged. While kids are enjoying the barnyard symphony they’re creating through playing with the toy, they’re also learning about matching, shapes, animal sounds and colours. The well-made plastic unit holds interlocking spinning gears with six animals that can be removed and replaced and that make a corresponding noise when pushed. The sound is muffled yet somewhat loud, although two musical settings and an off switch give you control over how much sound is produced. And, if your toddler tires of the gear game, they can remove the animals and incorporate them into other imaginative play (perfect for those times you “forget” to buy spare batteries!).

My daughter is really into matching toys at the moment, so she spent a lot of time trying to put the animals in the right place. She’s also very into barn animals, so she liked hearing the noises of each animal as she properly matched them up. It was challenging, but also rewarding, and she spent a fair amount of time using it.” —Simone, mom of one