Bumbleride Indie Twin

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Best forParents looking for a double stroller that can navigate any terrain

Top BenefitsDeep seat recline, generous canopy, air-filled tires with traction, machine washable fabrics

ConsiderationsNo shoulder carry strap

Bottom lineThe Bumbleride Indie Twin is a double stroller that's built to manage tougher terrains with ease, while ensuring your kids are comfy and secure



  • Adjustable seat recline, footrests and bumper bars
  • 5-point harness with shoulder pads
  • Dual car seat compatible
  • Standing fold


Bumbleride is known for their top-notch, sturdy strollers, and the Bumbleride Indie Twin is no exception. With its solid steel frame, durable fabric and air-filled tires, it's built to last. At 36 pounds and 30-inches wide, the Indie Twin isn’t exactly the kind of lightweight double stroller you’re likely to fold up and toss in the trunk for a quick jaunt to the store, but if you want a double stroller that can handle snow, sand, grass and gravel with ease, this is one smooth ride. The side-by-side adjustable seats offer unblocked views for both kids, so no one will be squished or get stuck looking at the back of their sibling’s seat. Environmentally conscious parents will appreciate Bumbleride’s commitment to using recycled materials to produce their Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, which are PVC and phthalate free, and come in some pretty great colours, too.


Folding the Bumbleride Indi Twin takes a bit of coordination, and the footrest and bumper bar have to be folded down beforehand. To fold, you pull up on the triggers on either side of the stroller to release the lock while pushing the handlebar forward to initiate the smooth folding process. Once folded, the frame auto-locks securely and it will stand on its own. Our parent testers found unfolding easier: You simply release lock clip on the side, pull back on the handlebar and the frame snaps easily into an upright position.

Users were split on how difficult it was to carry the Bumbleride Indie Twin in a folded position: half felt it was somewhat easy, while the other half found it awkward and heavy, despite the stroller’s two grippy handles. The stroller’s size makes it a tight squeeze for many cars, so ask if you can try loading a floor model into your trunk or cargo space before you buy.


If there’s one thing you can count on from the Bumbleride Indie Twin, it’s a smooth ride. The swivelling air-filled tires and bouncy suspension impressed both our editors and parent testers. One tester was initially wary of having to occasionally pump up the air-filled tires but the smoothness of the ride won her over. (A tire pump comes with the stroller and has its own handy zippered pouch in the storage basket.) Users found that when pushed with two hands, the Bumbleride Indie Twin’s high-quality rubber wheels with nubby treads could easily handle multiple terrains, including gravel, grass, concrete, wood floors and curbs. One-handed steering was slightly more difficult. Hills, both going up and coming down, were no problem, and the padded, adjustable handlebar was comfy to hold and offered good control. Overall, the Bumbleride Indie Twin pushes like a dream.

The only downside seemed to be the general size of the Bumbleride Indie Twin, with parent testers saying that its width made getting around on busy city sidewalks or public transit somewhat difficult. One tester said that on garbage day, she had to move out onto the street at times because there wasn't room for the stroller and garbage bins on the sidewalk.

The brake on this stroller is super intuitive. To lock, you simply push down on the large pedal located in the centre of the rear wheel axle (the rod connecting the wheels), and you push it up to release. In lab testing, we found the brake mechanism a bit stiff, and one parent tester worried that she’d have to use her hands to lock the brake if she was wearing flip flops or sandals during the summer. All of our testers agreed that the brake felt secure. A wrist tether for parents attached to the handle adds an extra element of safety.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin is a quality stroller. It's sturdy, well built and made from quality materials. The inflatable wheels are strong and roll quite well . Plus, it comes with a pump for the tires and has decent storage capacity." Laura, mom of two

From completely flat to fully upright, the adjustable seats in the Bumbleride Indie Twin offer a wide range of positions for your little one. Across the board, our parent testers agreed their children were comfortable in any seat position, had enough legroom, unobstructed views and could nap easily while in the stroller thanks to the full recline and parallel leg rest position. In our lab tests, we found the tether-style seat recline mechanism very easy to use: simply squeeze and pull to release the seat down, squeeze and push to move the seat into an upright position. While you can recline the seats using one hand, two are needed to put the seat back up. Adjusting the leg rest takes a bit of coordination and manual dexterity, as you have to simultaneously push in two buttons on either side while moving the leg rest up or down to one of three positions. However, with the back fully reclined and the footrest raised all the way up, the seat becomes bassinet-like, with the added bonus of a five-point harness. One parent tester said that she loved all of the recline options because it meant the Bumbleride Indie Twin could be used from the infant stage and beyond.


A good canopy will provide shelter from the sun, rain and wind, and the Bumbleride Indie Twin boasts one of the best. The editors in our lab noted the canopies are very large and quiet—an ideal combo when you’re trying to shield a sleeping babe as the sun shifts in the sky during an afternoon nap. Made of durable polyester fabric, the Bumbleride’s canopies—one for each seat so they can be adjusted individually—feature an SPF 45 rating, magnetic peek-a-boo window (no noisy Velcro to alert your kids that you’re having a look!) and removable back panels for airflow and breathability. When fully extended with the “pop-out” visors, these puppies cover almost the entire seat, so even longer-legged kids can tuck their feet up and be protected from the elements. For total waterproof protection, Bumbleride also sells an optional rain cover that fits over both seats.


Removing the fabric components (including seat covers, canopies, and bumper bar covers) from the Bumbleride Indie Twin is a multi-step process involving snaps, Velcro and zippers, but all of our testers agreed getting the covers and canopy fabric off and on was fairly easy. Even better is the news that the fabric components—which testers found to be high-quality and durable—can be thrown into the washing machine for a cold-water wash on the delicate cycle, and then air dried. Short of a complete disaster, it’s unlikely anything other than the bumper bars (which get mucky from little hands and feet) or the seats (thanks to wayward cereal and the occasional diaper leak) will need more than spot cleaning, which all of our parent testers found super simple and effective.


When you’re out and about with two kids, having enough storage for all of their gear, and yours, is a definite necessity. While our editors thought the under-seat storage basket on the Bumbleride Indie Twin could have been a bit more generous, they found it plenty easy to access. Meanwhile, our parent testers were unanimous in agreeing that the main storage area—with a maximum weight load of 10 pounds—is a great size, and they found the seven additional pockets (in the canopy hoods and seat backs) very useful, especially the bottle holders on the backs of the seats. One tester said the under-seat storage easily held groceries or a day’s worth of stuff, but another thought the fabric was a bit flimsy and worried about filling the basket up fully.

Bumbleride also offers a few add-on accessories (sold separately) that further increase storage capacity and convenience. The parent pack attaches to the handlebar with four Velcro straps and offers two cup holders and a pouch big enough to accommodate your phone, keys, sunglasses and a small wallet. For the littles, the machine-washable snack pack can be snapped into place instead of the bumper bar, putting a cup and Goldfish crackers within easy reach. Bonus: Neither the parent pack nor the snack packs need to be removed to fold the stroller.


We know your child’s safety is your number-one priority. That’s why a quality harness that's easy to use, and fits babies from their smallest size right up until they outgrow the stroller, is so important. In our lab tests, we found the five-point harness on the Bumbleride Indie Twin is excellent: easy to do up, undo and adjust, and with the added bonus of side straps that made the fit nice and secure for infants. Our parent testers agreed, and said the fit is comfortable for their kids. One parent, however, found adjusting the height of the shoulder straps a bit difficult. Thankfully, this is an adjustment that doesn’t need to be made often, so the overall ease of use and security outweigh the occasional difficulty.

Love this stroller! It feels like the Cadillac of strollers—so easy to put together and manoeuvre. My kid told me 'I LOVE this stroller' and can't wait to ride in it." —Brooke, mom of two

All of our parent testers rated the Bumbleride Indie Twin as very good in terms of quality and style, and good to very good for ease of use, value and overall satisfaction. Generally, parent testers felt the stroller was sturdy and comfortable, both for their kids and themselves, and they were impressed with the smooth ride and storage, rating it better or somewhat better than other double strollers they've used previously. Our editors were impressed with how adaptable the Bumbleride Indie Twin is. Whether you’re transporting twins or a newborn and a pre-schooler, the fully adjustable seats, generous canopy coverage and ample storage make this double stroller a great choice, particularly for parents who walk a lot and will find those sturdy 12-inch air-filled tires a lifesaver during the snowy months. The fact that the Indie Twin is sleek and made with environmentally friendly practices and materials is icing on the cake.

Tech Specs

    36 lbs.
    Open: 76 cm W x 91cm L x 67.3 - 115.5 cm H (30” W x 36” L x 26.5-45.5” H)
    Folded with wheels: 76 cm W x 83 cm L x 34 cm H (30” W x 32.5” L x 13.5” H)
    Folded without rear wheels: 76 cm W x 83 cm L x 30 cm H (30” W x 32.5” L x 12” H)
    Total weight capacity: 90 lbs.
    Aluminum frame
    Polyester fabric made from 100% recycled plastic
    12” air-filled tires
    All-wheel suspension
    Adjustable height, from 67.3 - 115.5 cm (26.5” - 45.5”)
    UPF/SPF 45+
    Extendable, with pop-out from the front
    Peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure
    10 lbs. maximum weight
    Included: Bumper bars, wrist strap for handlebar
    Sold separately: Rain cover (non-PVC), car seat adapters, bassinet, footmuff and liner, parent pack, snack pack, mini board for third child
    Maxi Cosi Max 30, Maxi Cosi Mico AP, Maxi Cosi Mico, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Aton 2, Cybex Aton, Nuna Pipa
This article was originally published on Nov 17, 2017

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