Bugaboo Donkey2

Bugaboo Donkey2

Best forParents seeking a versatile stroller that can handle any terrain and adapt to their growing family’s needs

Top BenefitsSmooth ride, multiple configurations, sleek aesthetic

ConsiderationsFolding requires several steps, cumbersome to carry

Bottom lineThe Bugaboo Donkey2 is a high-quality stroller that rolls like a dream and is easily customizable


well.caCAD $1529


  • Expandable chassis
  • Seat reversibility
  • Side luggage basket
  • Adjustable handle bars
  • Wrist strap
  • Collapsible bassinet
  • Alternate two-wheel mode


The Bugaboo Donkey2 is an outlier among strollers. What makes this model an anomaly are the endless personalization and control options. Thanks to its adaptable chassis that expands and contracts width-wise, the Bugaboo Donkey2 can transform from mono into duo modes, accommodating one or two children as your family grows. This stroller set comes with a side luggage basket, bassinet and a seat that can attach on the frame together or separately, a perfect match for families with children of different ages. This Bugaboo is also a standout model when it comes to a super-smooth ride, as the foam-filled wheels can easily glide over bumpy terrain.

I love that this stroller converts from a single with side storage to a double and then back again. It's basically the only stroller you'll need. I wish I'd bought it after my first instead of waiting until I was expecting my second and needing a double.”  —Jennifer, mom of two

Folding the Bugaboo Donkey2 takes several steps and requires two hands. In our lab we found folding the double stroller relatively easy, but you need to take off the seat and bassinet first, flip three separate latches on the chassis, and fold the frame down together. 

A multi-parent situation would be ideal when dismantling the Bugaboo Donkey2 in parking lots, airports, and on public transportation. When we surveyed parent testers, the majority felt the stroller was not easy to carry when folded, but when it came to unfolding and popping it back together, most parents found this step fairly easy. Also, most parents could fit the folded stroller inside their vehicles.

I love Bugaboo and had their single stroller. Then when I had a second child, I knew I had to have the double. It's easy to use after you learn how to fold and unfold it.”—Leanne, mom of two

We found the Bugaboo Donkey2 glides across the floor so well that it feels like it's floating. The sturdy, pneumatic tires are what give this stroller its ultra smooth ride, making it a pleasure to push. It could easily lull your little ones to sleep. This stroller is unlikely to disturb sleeping children, or cause wrist pain. This model also has an adjustable (telescoping) handlebar for parents of different heights. 

The front wheels swivel and can be locked in place by flipping down the two white switches near the wheels connection points on the frame. Locked front wheels make it easier for the stroller to cruise across bumpy surfaces. The majority of our parent testers thought the stroller traveled well over curbs and uneven terrain including gravel, sand and mud. They also thought the stroller manoeuvred well around busy sidewalks, crowded areas, tight corners and narrow spaces. All agreed that they felt complete control over the stroller’s movement and that it was extremely easy to push, even with two children.

Despite its size, this stroller can be secured when parked on an incline. The tires didn’t budge when we tried pushing it down a ramp with its brakes engaged. Engaging the brake is easy: press the white lever near the left back wheel with your toe. To release, kick up the brake in the opposite direction. All our parent testers felt confident that this stroller’s brakes were secure, plus they were easy to apply and release.

The Bugaboo's push is amazing. Even with 50 pounds of children in it." —Rebbecca, mom of two

To recline the Bugaboo Donkey2 simply squeeze the white latch behind the head of the seat. Our editors found that adjusting the backrest was easy and the movement would not likely wake up a sleeping child. The majority of our parent testers confirmed the easy recline and that their children were comfortable in the upright, middle, and lowest positions. There is no adjustable leg rest on the Donkey2, but the entire seat moves, easily reaching a comfortable, horizontal position that's perfect for naps. The majority of our parent testers said both children could sleep easily, and liked that neither child had obstructed views while riding in the stroller together, thanks to the reversible seats.

This stroller is the best I have ever used. It glides with very little effort. The seats move from forward-facing to rear very easily, giving lots of options for your little ones. Full recline for naps and a good mid-recline for smaller babies.” —Rebbecca, mom of two

The canopy is made from breathable, waterproof materials that do not crinkle or emit loud clicking noises when opened or closed. Our editors found it almost inaudible while adjusting. The canopy is also large and extends well past the seat, providing ample sun protection.

Our parent testers were pleased with the sun and rain protection, plus they liked the look and feel of the stroller’s breathable fabrics. The majority also did not notice any visible snags or stitching flaws.


The bassinet and seat fabrics are detachable and machine washable; however, the buckles are not removable from the base seat fabric. The removable canopy and bassinet cover can be thrown into the wash, too. Bugaboo recommends using a brush and water to clean the wheels, and removing the wheels every so often to clean inside the axle. The side luggage and under-seat baskets are not machine-washable, but can be spot-cleaned.


The bottom basket runs the full width of the stroller, so the amount of storage available will depend on which configuration you're using. However, the side luggage basket provides additional storage when you're in the mono configuration (with one child in tow). The majority of our parent testers found it easy to place things in the lower basket, saying it was a useful space for day-to-day running around.

The stroller comes with a wrist strap, rain cover, side luggage basket and the side luggage basket cover. Additional accessories are available for purchase, some of which include car seat adapters, a smartphone holder, seat trays, cup holders, umbrellas and mosquito nets.


The harness has four separate clips to secure, which take some concentration to close. Releasing the harness is a snap, all of the clips open simultaneously. The harness is easy to tighten and lengthen. The majority of our parent testers found the harness easy to adjust, the buckles easy to snap in and release, and that the safety harness felt secure and comfortable against their child’s body.


If you’re looking for a stylish stroller that can adjust to your family’s ever-changing needs (and might garner you a few compliments in the park), the Bugaboo Donkey2 is a great choice. Our editors were impressed with its easy assembly, multiple accessory options and seating configurations. Our parent testers gave the stroller good ratings for quality ease of use, and most felt the same about the stroller’s value. Parents also gave the Donkey2 top marks when it came to its appearance and sleek style. This stroller's intuitive manoeuvrability and super-smooth ride, along with child comfort and parent satisfaction, is why it is worthy of the Today's Parent Approved seal.  

Tech Specs

    33.7 lbs.
    Folded: 23.6 in.
    Unfolded: 23.6 in.
    Birth up to 37.5 lbs. per seat
    20 lbs. max. weight
    Aluminum frame
    100% Polyester fabric
    Four foam-filled
    Adjustable grip
    Broad sun protection
    11 lbs. max. weight
    22 lbs. max. weight

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