Stretch mark cream

Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Best forParents looking for a natural product to help with the development of stretch and even dry skin

Top BenefitsLightweight, hydrating to increase skin's flexibility

ConsiderationsNatural scent

Bottom lineTo smooth out skin that's dry or going through changes, Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil works to replenishes skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks


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  • Increase flexibility of skin
  • Lightweight, natural formula
  • Vegan


Stretch marks often accompany pregnancy (fun!) and unfortunately, they don’t disappear after you deliver your baby. The good news is that there are many creams and oils on the market promising to help reduce the redness and visibility of stretch marks—it's just a matter of finding the right one for you. One of the options out there is Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil, which promises that with regular use, not only will your skin look smoother and feel more flexible, your stretch marks will appear less visible.

To help find the best stretch mark oils and creams out there, we asked moms and moms-to-be to put Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil to the test. The good news is that the majority of our mom testers found Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil really did help reduce their stretch marks. They also noticed an improvement in their skin tone and a reduction in the appearance of other scars and marks. Many loved the added bonus of having super soft skin after using the oil just a handful of times. In both our lab and real-world testing, we found Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil to be very effective when it comes to nourishing dry, tight and itchy skin. One woman noted that though she’s used lotion-based stretch-mark products in the past, Weleda’s oil did a better job of healing soothing her skin.

I noticed within a few days a difference in the appearance of the stretch marks and smoothness of the skin.” —Kristie, mom of three

We found that both opening the glass bottle and and dispensing the oil is a two-handed affair, but out testers found this easy enough, and said the bottle didn't get greasy. Our mom testers did report that getting a precise amount of the oil out of the bootle wasn't easy, however, and a few said that they wished the bottle had a pump so they could better control the amount of oil that comes out. (Ed. note: After this product was reviewed, Weleda replaced the cap with a pump, which should address the dispensing concert testers had.) Thanks to the oil's thin, slippery consistency (similar to olive oil) our testers loved the way it smoothed easily over both wet and dry skin, with the majority saying the oil absorbed easily and felt soothing once applied. Another plus: though our editors noticed a slight residue on the skin even hours after application, the oil didn't transfer onto clothing.

While the majority of our mom testers liked Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil's slightly herbal scent (one described it as "refreshing"), one editor found it to be quite strong, and it may not be for everyone. However, as the one tester who agreed with our lab noted, the scent doesn’t linger, and if you think the spa smells like heaven, this might be the product for you.

The Weleda oil was easy to use, absorbed very well and helped alleviate dryness and itchiness. I like how it is made of natural oils and helped reduce stretch marks. I wasn't too fond of the scent, but it goes away quickly. The price point is slightly higher than other stretch mark creams, but it's well worth the money.” —Christine, mom of one

Both our editors and testers agreed that Weleda Mother Stretch Mark Massage Oil helped reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and left them with softer, more even-toned skin to boot. The majority of our testers gave it good or very good ratings for quality, ease of use and value. None of our mom testers would hesitate recommending this oil to other moms. Testers loved how easily the oil smoothed over and absorbed into their skin. Though one editor found the scent to be quite herbal and strong, the majority of the moms thought it was lovely, and thought the slightly higher price (compared to other stretch-mark creams and oils on the market) was worth it given the oil's effectiveness.

Tech Specs

  • Size
    100 mL (3.4 fl. oz.)
  • Ingredients
    Sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba), triticum vulgare (wheat), arnica montana, fragrance (parfum)

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