Stretch mark cream

Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream

Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream

Best forMoms looking for a cream with quick results and a skin nourishing formula

Top BenefitsCompatible with breastfeeding, reduces the appearance of stretch marks

ConsiderationsContain parfum

Bottom lineImproving skin's elasticity and overall smoothness, Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream reduces the look of stretch marks while softening mom's skin

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  • Free of parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, bisphenols A and S and alcohol
  • Tested by dermatologists
  • Formulated with beeswax and shea butter to nourish and soften skin


If you’re one of the close to 90 percent of moms who got stretch marks along with your bundle of joy, at least you can take heart in the fact that you're not alone, and that there’s really nothing you could have done to predict or prevent them. Just because they're common doesn't mean that women are particularly fond of them, however. Enter Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream, which promises to prevent, or at least minimize, the development of stretch marks and boost skin’s elasticity.

This cream is very soft and smooth on the skin, it goes on buttery and a little goes along way. —Stephanie, mom of two

In our lab and with the help of some mom testers, we tried out Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream on existing stretch marks. The formula—which contains no parabens, phtalates or phenoxyethanol, and zero caffeine or alcohol—gets top marks for its pearly sheen and thick texture. Our editors and our mom testers found that the cream smoothed on nicely, spreading effortlessly over a wide area of skin where it absorbed quickly, leaving skin noticeably softer, even an hour after application. One mom described the product as leaving a faint, but not unpleasant, oiliness and creating a “cooling sensation."

While all testers agreed their skin felt less dry after using the cream, the intensity of its scent was a drawback for some. The smell was described as pleasant and it dissipated over time, but some felt it was strong and perfumy, which may put off those who prefer unscented products. However, none of our testers experienced any skin or scent sensitivity while using the cream.

Our parent testers reported that a little of the Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream goes a long way. Most of the moms who tried it said they were happy with the length of time one container of the cream lasted, but a couple said that the price might prevent them from buying the product once they ran out.

I loved how silky the cream made my skin feel. It actually restored some of the elasticity in my stomach. I felt beautiful again. I was really surprised HOW quickly it worked. Within 24 hours the cream had reduced the redness of the stretch marks. Within two weeks, I had a difficult time seeing where the marks were. It reduced the white stretch marks as well. It made me feel less self conscious. —Dawn, mom of one

On the bright side, our testers agreed that the squeeze-tube design made dispensing the cream a breeze. One mom described the sturdy packaging as looking “medicinal,” but the bottle was easy to open and close securely, even one-handed, which is great for those days when your little one doesn’t want to leave your hip. There’s no fear of wasting the product during use either, as the small opening easily controls the amount of the thick cream that comes out. In our lab results, editors noted the product was impossible to spill.

All of our testers appreciated how soft and moisturized their skin was after just a short time using Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream, and loved the texture of the cream itself. While we all know it’s not realistic for stretch marks to disappear completelyone mom reported that her stretch marks were less visible after just three days of applying the cream (“I would buy this over and over again,” she said) and said she plans to continue using it in the hope that longer use will improve her results.


Overall, Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Cream was highly rated by our mom testers, receiving top marks for how easy it is to use, its non-greasy texture and its high quality. Though they loved the texture of the cream and how it made their skin feel, moms were lukewarm on the price (it was on the higher end of those we tested) and strong-but-pleasant fragrance. Still, most of our testers said they would purchase the product for themselves, the majority thought it was worthy of the Today's Parent Approved seal,  and all of them said they would recommend it to other women to help them reduce the appearance of their stretch marks.

Tech Specs

  • Size
    150 mL (5 oz.)
  • Ingredients
    Aqua (water), di-c12-13 alkyl malate, ethylhexyl cocoate, cetearyl alcohol, dicaprylyl carbonate, hydrolyzed soy protein, butylene glycol, cera alba (beeswax), laureth-23, galactoarabinan, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, glyceryl stearate, 1,2-hexanediol, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside, glyceryl caprylate, parfum (fragrance), xanthan gum, cetyl palmitate, cocoglycerides, sclerotium gum, zinc gluconate, pentylene glycol, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, sophora japonica fruit extract, hydrolyzed avocado protein, maltodextrin, citric acid, lupinus albus seed extract, tocopherol

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