Ovulation tests

First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test

First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test

Best forWomen looking for a simple ovulation test stick that has a longer-than-average window to read results

Top BenefitsAccurate and clear results, easy to position for in-stream testing, result can be read for 1 hour (much longer than most test sticks)

ConsiderationsPlastic housing is broad so there's a bit more plastic waste than with other test sticks

Bottom lineFirst Response Easy Read Ovulation Test accurately identifies the luteinizing hormone surge that begins 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. This test stick has a wide thumb grip that makes it easy to hold in stream, and results can be read for an hour after taking the test—significantly longer than a lot of other non-digital ovulation products.


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  • Results are easy to read
  • Wide thumb grip makes it easy to position and hold while taking the rest
  • Results can be read for considerably longer than other non-digital ovulation tests


Here's the thing about getting pregnant: there's a narrow window of opportunity leading up to and including the day you ovulate—which isn't easy to pinpoint. But an ovulation kit can really take the guesswork out of trying to conceive. The First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test is one of our picks for an easy-to-use ovulation test that offers up clear, reliable results in minutes. One box comes with nine test sticks that measure levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), which surges when you're at your most fertile, and though it's on the higher end of the price range of ovulation tests, women who tested it at home felt the speed and accuracy of the test provides a lot of value. 

These ovulation tests are fantastic! They're super simple to use, the results appear fast and are easy to read, and the price is great.” —Alysha, mom of one

Ovulation tests are pretty simple, in general, but directions vary a bit from product to product. First Response recommends taking this test at the same time daily and limiting fluid intake for two hours before taking the test to help ensure an LH surge can be accurately detected. Editors and testers liked that the instructions are super clear, with diagrams to show the different parts of the test, how to use it, and most importantly, how and when to read it.

To test ovulation products in our lab, editors did just what you'd do at home: we peed on the sticks every day until the tests indicated an LH surge. And because we also wanted to see if we could get reliable readings from stick to stick, we took duplicate tests, and we were happy to see the First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test produced consistent results. As for taking the test, we found the packaging is easy to open, and the stick's wide thumb grip makes it simple to position and hold in stream without getting pee on your hands. Our testers strongly agreed that the process was neat and tidy.

This test works very quickly. I like that it’s all one piece, and you don’t have to keep equipment around your house that can get urine splashed on it.” —Lisa, mom of one

When it was time to read the test, our editors found that the control and result lines can look a little fuzzy, but it was still easy for everyone who tested the product in our lab or at home to see the results and determine whether they were in the midst of an LH surge. One of the things our Today's Parent Approved editors really like about this ovulation test is it can be read for up to an hour. With most ovulation tests (aside from digital ones), results are only accurate for a narrow window of time (usually up to five or 10 minutes), so having an hour to check the result is a big plus if you have a busy toddler who needs attention or you get unexpectedly tied up with something else.


The First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test is a simple ovulation test stick that gives you accurate, reliable results. Women who tried this ovulation test at home said it's much easier to use than other tests they’ve tried in the past, and all said they'd buy it and recommend it to friends. It's not really surprising, then, that they gave it a very good rating for ease of use, and good or very good ratings for both quality and value. Our editors were also impressed with this ovulation test's overall ease of use and ability to quickly provide accurate results, with the added benefit of a longer-than-typical window to read the results—a feature that really sets this ovulation test apart from other non-digital sticks.

Tech Specs

    Hold in stream for 5 seconds
    Dip tip in a cup of urine for 5 seconds
    User compares line in results window to easy guide on box or instructions
    Results can be read for 1 hour

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