Incontinence products

Poise Pads and Poise Ultimate Overnight Pads

Poise Pads and Poise Ultimate Overnight Pads

Best forWomen seeking reliable coverage and protection from odour and leakage for moderate to maximum bladder leaks

Top BenefitsVery absorbent, lock away odours, gauze packaging makes them quiet to open

ConsiderationsSome of the higher-absorbency pads a

Bottom lineSuited for those with heavier leakage, Poise Pads and Ultimate Overnight Pads are easy to use and its absorbency will stop the chance of leakage.


walmart.caCAD $14.77
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  • High absorbency
  • Stretchy raised sides for a cupped fit
  • Absorbing barriers at the front to lock in odour and wetness
  • Gauze packaging for quiet use


Many moms experience some degree of postnatal incontinence—which makes sense given that the pelvic muscles are under a lot of strain during pregnancy and childbirth. While a lot of women see improvement within a year of giving birth, finding the right products to deal with bladder leakage can really help reduce the anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with this common post-baby complaint. We put a range of incontinence pads to the test in our lab and sent samples to moms to try, and Poise pads were among our favourites. They come in a wide range of absorbencies—light, moderate, maximum and ultimate, as well as Poise Ultimate Overnight Pads, designed for nighttime—so you can get the coverage you need. They kept moms dry, comfortable and confident that they'd be protected when they went for a run or sneezed.


Our mom testers tried out one of three different absorbencies: light, moderate or ultimate. Regardless of which level of protection they needed, all of our moms reported zero leakage, which is a pretty big deal. In the lab, we found the pads did well in terms of how much and how quickly they absorbed liquid. However, we did note that the Ultimate Overnight pads felt damp to the touch after one tablespoon of liquid, and the moderate-protection pads leaked through the side guards after 10 tablespoons of liquid. That being said, none of our mom testers had complaints about the pads’ ability to keep them dry and comfortable all day. Our testers also reported that the pads did an excellent job of locking away odours.

The product was very good quality and did not move or leak.” —Shari, mom of one

Poise’s packaging is clear and easy to read. The products are colour-coded by absorbency level, making it simple to quickly grab what you need from the store shelf. Removing the pads from the lining is easy and quiet—the gauze packaging is a nice, discreet touch. The pads are easy to place, with a good-quality adhesive, and come out cleanly when removed. The light and moderate absorbency Poise pads are very thin and can easily be tucked into a purse or pocket; the Ultimate Overnight pads, however, are much larger. Both products feature brightly coloured wrappers, which are not especially discreet.


Our moms all reported that the Poise pads they tried are comfortable and the majority said that they stay in place, though one mom did comment that hers bunched up as the day went on. None of our testers experienced any skin irritation from these products, and most commented that even the moderate pads were relatively inconspicuous under their clothing. The Ultimate Overnight pads, on the other hand, are rather bulky, though you'll likely only wear them under pyjamas, so this might not be a major concern. Several of our testers commented that the Ultimate Overnight pads were too bulky for their needs, but they would recommend them to women with heavier bladder leaks.

I love how I didn’t have to worry when I went to bed if I was going to leak, as it has great coverage. I also like how it did not move from where I placed it while I was sleeping (I move a lot in my sleep). Overall, I'm very happy with the product.” —Keri, mom of four

If you're dealing with postpartum light bladder leakage, Poise Pads and Poise Ultimate Overnight Pads offer really good protection—and that peace of mind is invaluable. Although they have a slightly higher price point than some of the other options, most of our testers agreed their quality was well worth it. In fact, the majority of our mom testers reported that Poise Pads were very good quality and much better than other products they had used in the past, and they said they would recommend these pads to other moms. For their reliable protection against leakage and odours, Poise Pads are well deserving of the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

This article was originally published on Mar 22, 2018

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