Incontinence products

Poise Microliners and Poise Liners

Poise Microliners and Poise Liners

Best forMoms who have light bladder leakage

Top BenefitsVery good absorbency, odour neutralizing, light and thin

ConsiderationsFor light coverage

Bottom linePoise Microliners and Poise Liners help moms who have light bladder leakage, offering good absorbency and odour control. The thin design is inconspicuous, and moms found them very comfortable and easy to use.



  • Very good absorbency for moms who experience light bladder leaks
  • Strong adhesive backing keeps liner in place
  • Thin design for comfort and discretion


Not all liners are created equal. Panty liners made for everyday wear or periods are designed differently than those for the bladder leakage that many moms experience (thanks, pregnancy and childbirth!). The objective isn't just keeping your knickers looking new and cute—a liner needs to work hard to trap those drips and neutralize odours, not to mention stay put. To put Poise Microliners and Poise Liners to the test, we sent samples to moms who experience mild stress urinary incontinence (the technical term for peeing a little when you cough, laugh, run or jump) and asked them to give us the skinny. They found these liners comfortable, effective and inconspicuous.


Our product testers gave Poise Microliners and Liners a thumbs up for fit and absorption levels, saying they absorbed bladder leaks and locked the moisture away well. Moms reported feeling fresh and dry, and that the liners did a good job of neutralizing odours—essential when you're dealing with bladder leaks. None of our testers had problems with the liners getting soaked and leaking.

Poise Liners make me feel dry, and I'm not worried about leakage when I'm out." —Keri, mom of four

In our lab, we tested absorbency by dispensing water onto the liners with a dropper and noting how quickly it absorbed and whether liners felt dry afterward. Microliners are designed to absorb drips from occasional leaks, so we were impressed that this ultra-thin liner absorbed well over 75 drops of water (just under 3 mL), locking moisture in the core. For Poise Liners—which are made to absorb spurts caused by light bladder leakage—we dispensed 1 mL of water at a time, and this liner absorbed 8 mL of water easily. Both the Microliners and Liners were able to absorb more water than these limits, but it took a bit longer and the Liners especially began to feel bulky. (Remember, liners are for light protection, so if you need a bit more in the absorbency department, you'd be better to step up to a pad.) Overall, our editors were really impressed with how well the Microliners and Liners absorbed liquid and locked away wetness.


These liners deserve a special shout-out for how inconspicuous they are under clothing, making moms feel more comfortable when wearing them. The Microliners, especially, are impressively paper-thin. Our editors and moms who tested the liners also noted that the adhesive backing is top-notch: it holds the liner in place well, but is a snap to peel off underwear after use. We also like that the Poise liners have a fabric-like wrapper that opens pretty quietly compared to plastic wrappers (which tend to make a noisy ripping sound). Because the liners are thin, it's easy to pop one in a pocket or small clutch when needed. And if, like most of our testers, you want to toss them into your purse or diaper bag, the wrapper does a good job of keeping the liner protected.

Both the Microliners and Liners are easy to apply and stay put. I didn't have the dreaded bunching, and didn't notice any odours." —Vanessa, mom of two

No one wants to have to deal with incontinence, but it's really common—one in three moms experience it after giving birth. If you only have light leaks—occasional drips or a spurt every now and then—Poise Microliners or Poise Liners offer good protection. Moms who tested these liners were fans of the absorption and odour control, and they felt that the Poise products made their bladder leaks less awkward and embarrassing. They gave the products very good ratings across the board for quality, ease of use and value, with the exception of one mom who gave the Microliners a good ease-of-use rating. What's more, every single tester said she'd purchase them and recommend them to another mom. It's no wonder that they all felt these liners deserve the Today's Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

  • Microliners
    Lightest absorbency, for occasional drips
    Absorbent core locks in wetness and neutralizes odour
    Designed to move with the body
    Available in regular length and long
  • Liners
    Very light absorbency, for spurts
    Dry-touch layer keeps moisture away from the body
    Absorbent core locks in wetness and neutralizes odour
    Designed to move with the body
    Available in regular length and long
This article was originally published on Mar 08, 2018

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