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Always Discreet Moderate and Maximum Pads

Always Discreet Moderate and Maximum Pads

Best forWomen who need moderate to maximum bladder leakage coverage that's soft and absorbs quickly.

Top BenefitsSuper absorbent, soft material, reliable leak and odour protection

ConsiderationsMaximum Pads are somewhat bulky

Bottom lineAlways Discreet Moderate and Maximum pads are extremely absorbent and do an excellent job of keeping wearers dry and odour free


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  • High absorbency
  • Raised stretchy LeakGuards to help prevent leaks
  • Floral scent for odour protection


Although it may not be everyone’s favourite topic of conversation, postnatal incontinence is a thing. Many women experience bladder leakage when they laugh or sneeze, or unpredictably throughout the day. Thankfully, products like Always Discreet pads are designed specifically to keep you dry, odour-free and confident, regardless of your bladder situation. We put Always Discreet Moderate and Maximum pads to the test in our lab and with the help of some moms, and all agreed these pads are comfortable, absorbent and prevent dreaded leaks.


Always Discreet pads come in several levels of absorption, and in regular and long lengths, which are clearly outlined on the packaging, making it a breeze to figure out which one meets your needs. While the Maximum version is not marketed as an overnight pad, our testers found it was the most comparable to other products in this category. Both the moderate and maximum absorbency pads are quite thin and easy to tote in a purse or squish into a small pocket, and feature super stretchy "Leak Guards" that are raised to hold in wetness where it's most likely to escape. Removing the pads from the packaging is straightforward, and they are simple to insert and remove from underwear. One of our reviewers, however, complained that the maximum pads left a glue-like residue in her underwear, which was less than ideal. Most testers reported the pads did a good job of sticking to fabric, without any shifting throughout the day or night.


Both the Always Discreet Moderate and Maximum pads are fantastic at absorbing liquid and preventing leaks: Our editors and mom testers were very impressed with how dry these pads stayed, even after a full day or night’s use. Our lab found the Moderate pads can comfortably absorb up to 10 tablespoons of water, though it felt heavy after six tablespoons. The Maximum pads can hold up to 16 tablespoons without leakage, though you'd probably want to change it before then. The pads’ high absorbency and odour protection left our moms feeling confident and secure, regardless of the bladder leakage they experienced.

Very absorbent, no odour, stayed put [and] lasted through the day.” —Elizabeth, mom of two

When it came to comfort, our panel of moms agreed the the Always pads are soft and did not cause any skin irritation. However, our testers preferred the fit of the moderate pads, which they reported were less conspicuous under clothing. Our moms self-identified as experiencing “light” or “moderate” bladder leakage, and all felt the maximum pads were too bulky for their needs, but would recommend them for women who require a bit more protection.


Overall, our testers agreed Always Discreet pads did a good job of preventing leaks, and most gave the pads good or very good ratings for ease of use, quality and value. Our testers felt the Always Discreet pads were better quality than similar pads they'd tried in the past, and they were unanimous in giving Always Discreet pads the Today’s Parent Approved seal given their ample coverage and comfortable protection against leaks and odours.

This article was originally published on Jan 22, 2018

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