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Always Discreet Liners

Always Discreet Liners

Best forMoms in need of a incontinence liner that is super absorbent, thin and comfy, and effectively controls odour

Top BenefitsThin and flexible design, resealable wrapper, light floral scent

ConsiderationsDesigned for light protection

Bottom lineAlways Discreet Liners deliver excellent absorbent power for its thin size, and is super convenient to transport and dispose of with its non-crinkly, resealable wrapper


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  • Resealable wrapper
  • High absorbency
  • Thin design
  • Light floral scent


Maybe you pee a tiny bit when you laugh, sneeze or cough. Or you might find that running leads to a little leakage. It might seem worrying when it first happens, but a lot of women have bladder control issues after having a baby. While you should always talk with your doctor about any health concerns, if you have minor postpartum stress incontinence, a liner designed to soak up those dribbles of urine might be all you need to feel less worried about the potential for an embarrassing moment. But as any woman who's had a period knows, some liners and pads can really feel uncomfortable—which is exactly the opposite of what you want when you're already self-conscious. So we tested a range of incontinence liners and pads in our Today's Parent Approved lab and sent samples out to moms to get real-life feedback. One of our top picks is Always Discreet Liners, which come in two absorbencies: Always Discreet Very Light Liners and Always Discreet Ultra-Thin Liners.


According to the package, Always Very Light Liners are rated a two out of six in terms of liquid protection (with six being a heavy flow), while the Ultra-Thin Liners are rated a three. Our mom testers—all women who experience unpredictable bladder leaks throughout the day—said both Always liner options were quick to absorb any leakage and did a reliable job of locking moisture away from their skin.

The Always Discreet liners boast RapidDry Protection, which is designed absorb leaks and odours in seconds. To put absorbency to the test in our lab, we poured liquid onto each liner, one teaspoon at a time, and then assessed wetness. We found the Ultra-Thin Liners absorbed liquid faster than the Very Light Liners, and they dried faster as well (within 30 seconds, compared to a minute)—which is to be expected since the Very Light Liners are designed for more minor leakage. The Ultra-Thin Liners could comfortably hold nine teaspoons of liquid, in contrast to the Very Light Liners, which held three teaspoons before feeling damp.

Both liners have a floral scent to up the odour protection, but it’s not terribly strong, and our mom testers loved this. All of our testers agreed or strongly agreed that the liners did a good job of keeping odours locked away and unnoticeable.

The light scent and the quick absorbency helped my confidence.” —Elizabeth, mom of one

Most moms who tested the Always Discreet liners agreed that they're comfortable to wear and don't cause irritation—the Ultra-Thin Liners even have a soft skirt around the edge for added comfort and to prevent chafing. Our editors found that the liners adhere securely to underwear and stay in place, and while some testers had the same experience, others found the liners could have adhered better (of course, it's going to depend on the material your underwear is made from). Overall, our testers agreed they're easy to use—plus, they only make a slight noise when removed from their packaging, which is a plus if you're feeling self-conscious about using them.

We also like that the Always Very Light Liners come in regular and long sizes, so moms can find the fit that offers them the best coverage for their needs—something our testers had no problem with. While the Ultra-Thin Liners come in one size, it's longer than the "long" Very Light Liners.


The majority of moms who tested the Always Discreet Very Light Liners or Ultra-Thin Liners said they offer good overall value. All of the moms agreed that the overall ease of use, quality, comfort and absorbency of these liners added to the product’s value, and most said they would purchase the liners.

They did a great job of managing the occasional light leaks and odour. The scent wasn't overpowering.” —Christine, mom of one

Our lab testers and panel of moms agree Always is a trusted brand among women looking for protection from bladder leakage and incontinence. The Very Light Liners and Ultra-Thin Liners have proven they offer good value, especially because their RapidDry technology works to absorb excess liquid quickly. From comfort and protection to cost and value, our editors and testers unanimously agreed that the Always Discreet liners deserve the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

    Very light: Regular length and long
    Ultra thin: Regular length

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