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Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter

Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter

Best forParents looking for a natural, hydrating cream they can use with their kids, too

Top BenefitsPlant-derived with added essential oils, smooth texture

ConsiderationsContains fragrance

Bottom lineLive Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter is a hypoallergenic body cream loaded with plant-based ingredients and essential oils that will soothe and moisturize your skin

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  • 98% plant-derived; vegan
  • Paraben-, petroleum- and phthalate-free
  • Formulated with shea butter and coconut oil
  • Recyclable packaging


Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and 98 per cent plant-derived, Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter has a roster of ingredients that would impress even the most conscious consumer. Free from parabens, petroleum and phthalate, this body cream is enriched with essential oils that will soothe your skin on the coldest and driest days.

In our lab, we tested dozens of body creams for everything from smell, texture and absorption, and asked our parent testers to do the same at home. Any cream that passed with a score of 80 percent or higher in our labs, and satisfied at least 80 percent of our parent testers, was deemed worthy of the Today’s Parent Approval seal. Live Clean’s Spa Therapy Body Butter leaves your skin soft thanks to its shea butter and coconut oil base, and it will awaken your senses with the spicier notes in its formulation, including natural ingredients like lemon, ginger and rosemary.

Our parent testers rated the quality, value and ease of use of this body cream as either somewhat good or very good. Some testers weren’t sold on its size (120 grams) for a family, and one parent felt they needed to reapply throughout the day to stay moisturized. Despite this, all of our parent testers were overall satisfied with the cream and most would recommend this body cream to other parents.

This is a great body butter with ingredients you can trust. The fun scent makes it a great product for your family. Especially if you are looking to move away from some of the scented mall brands.” —Claire, mom of two

Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter feels as smooth as room-temperature butter on your skin. Whether you use it for dry patches or for after-shower moisturizing, this body cream is more solid than it looks, but the heavier texture was a hit with our testers, with some saying they were comfortable using it on their kids, too. During our lab tests, we applied a dime-sized amount of the cream onto our skin and took note of how it felt one minute, two minutes, and six hours after application. Absorption-wise, we found it took a little extra rubbing for the cream to sink into our skin and for the cream's whiteness to disappear. We also noticed a bit of a greasy residue several hours after application—but the majority of our testers didn't say it bothered them. The smell, which is fresh and subtle on the skin, had virtually faded after several hours. Parent tester opinions were more scattered on this point, with some really liking the scent and others feelings more neutral about it.

Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter comes in a tub container that’s curved to fit in the palm of your hand, and it's durable enough to throw in a bag if you’re on the go. It’s not difficult to grip the lid to twist it off. There’s also an extra lid underneath the top for added protection against accidental spills.

It’s a great product. I have sensitive skin and it did not cause a reaction. It's very moisturizing and absorbs quickly.” —Mandy, mom of two


The majority of our parent testers told us their body cream purchases usually revolve around the ingredients list and the way a cream feels on their skin, and after trying Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter, most were pleased with its plant-based formula and how a little goes a long way. While some parents reported that they would purchase this body cream, some were deterred by its smell, and others prefer their lotions to come in a pump. Regardless, most of our parent testers would still recommend this body cream to other parents and believe this body cream deserves the Today’s Parent Approved seal. Creamy in texture and made of impressive ingredients, we think Live Clean Spa Therapy Body Butter is a great option for parents looking for a cream that moisturizes all skin types using safe, natural ingredients.

Ingredient lists on skin creams—even plant-based products—can sometimes look like a load of gobbledegook. Health Canada regularly reviews these ingredients to make sure they are safe. Learn more about common skin cream ingredients here

Tech Specs

  • Sizes available in Canada
    120 g
  • Ingredients
    aqua, lavendar extract*, matricaria flower extract*, rosemary leaf extract*, camellia sinensis leaf extract*, eucalyptus globulus leaf extract*, cocoglycerides, dicaprylyl ether, vegetable oil/hydrogenated vegetable oil/candelilla wax, cetearyl glucoside/cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, cetyl palmitate, magnesium aluminum silicate, sodium stearoyl glutamate, shea butter, phenoxyethanol, glyceryl oleate, coconut oil, soybean oil, ginger root oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, orange peel oil, lavender oil, mandarin orange peel oil, peppermint oil, litsea cubeba oil, cananga odorata flower oil, bitter orange flower oil, lemon peel oil, sodium benzoate, palm oil, xanthan gum (*certified organic)
This article was originally published on Nov 21, 2017

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