Loftie Alarm Clock Review: Mornings are MUCH Easier Now

Sweet dreams are made of these (alarm clocks).

Loftie Alarm Clock Review: Mornings are MUCH Easier Now

Lauren Finney Harden

Even non-parents know how little sleep parents get despite pulling out all the stops, including toddler alarm clocks, to help determine wake times, blackout tents and the best toddler mattress models. Parents often forget about what they have under their control in their bedrooms, too, and that includes screens. There's a new alarm clock that aims to help people get a better night of sleep, and it's called the Loftie.

Here's our Loftie alarm clock review. Spoiler alert: It's super helpful, and you can even use it in your kids' rooms.

Loftie alarm clock review Lauren Finney Harden

What is the Loftie alarm clock?

The Loftie clock is a personalized alarm clock that offers so much more than just the time. It isn't like a traditional alarm clock, which jolts you awake. Instead, it offers all sorts of personalization opportunities. There are over 100 sounds to choose from including white noise, brown noise, cicadas and even the streets of NYC.

When fully dimmed, it's in blackout mode—meaning there's no pesky blue, white or red light keeping you awake. And when this clever clock does wake you, it's to a gentle and soothing tone. Skip the typical crash landing from an alarm clock you might be thinking of with this genius sleep enhancer.

It's great for parents' bedrooms as well as kids' bedrooms, especially for kids who are learning numbers and time. We love that it allows caregivers to set and maintain healthy sleep schedules even when they're on-the-go, traveling or living in separate households.

My Loftie alarm clock review

It took me less than 30 seconds to download the Loftie app and get my smart alarm clock set up. I really love how sleek and simple the design is and how intuitively it functions. I had no problem going rogue and figuring out how to work it by just tapping buttons. I love that it offers over 100 sounds, including meditations. (Check out the one called Belly.)


It's nice and compact which is great for the limited space I have on my nightstand next to my bold tufted headboard. I love how unobtrusive it is while limiting the blue light in my bedroom. The blackout mode is so nice as someone who is easily distracted while falling asleep and the wakeup sound is soothing and not jarring like the typical iPhone alarm tones so many of us rely on.

loftie alarm clock review, loftie clock Merchant

Programming it for my daughter's room is also a breeze, allowing her to softly drift into an awake status and rise off her kids' mattress in a non-jarring way. We both loved the classic, old-school features like a snooze button. This multi-phase alarm does require a good WiFi connection to be fully operational though, so be sure to consider that before purchasing.

Our favorite feature, by far, is the personalized "storymaker" option this brilliant clock offers. Stories include whatever details you choose to contribute and focus on fun-yet-calming plot lines like a snowy train ride or a calm river cruise. "Why is the sound of a train at night so soothing?" the clock's website asks. "Beat the heat on a snowy train ride through Norway–our longest, calmest story yet with a brand new voice."

Yes, please. And obviously.


  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Suitable for both adult and kid rooms
  • Set alarms from anywhere (or deliver bedtime stories remotely)
  • Sleek design with a small footprint
  • Has over 100 sounds to choose from ranging from sound bath melodies to pink noise, classical music and standard alarm clock tones
  • Non-irritating light
  • Adjustable brightness and volume
  • Has a built-in night light
  • Gentle wakeup
  • Can also function as a white noise machine
  • New content is added constantly
  • Bluetooth speaker


  • Requires Wi-Fi to work
  • Somewhat pricey but less than other comparable models

The Loftie alarm clock vs Hatch


The Loftie alarm clock is 25% less expensive than the competitive Hatch Restore. It's also more compact than the Hatch alarm clock. Some might like the white base and aesthetic of the Hatch Restore better than the black base of the Loftie, but that's down to personal preference.

Loftie also doesn't have a membership it charges owners for, unlike Hatch Restore, which needs a subscription to access the content. Overall, the Loftie alarm clock is a better value if you're looking for a deal.

Where to buy the Loftie alarm clock

Buy the Loftie alarm clock on Loftie's website, where you can also take a quiz to find out your sleep style and learn more about things like mindful technology, kid sleep, sleep training and other rest-enhancing features.

The Loftie clock costs about $149, which is pricey, but still far less expensive than the Hatch model and requires absolutely no monthly or annual subscription fees.

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