Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Towel

Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Towel

Best forFamilies who buy in bulk

Top BenefitsThese big rolls provide great value for your money, without sacrificing quality

ConsiderationsIt’s a bulk package of rolls, so adequate storage space is a must

Bottom lineKirkland Signature Premium Towels measure up very well in our lab and at home, making them a great multi-purpose paper towel for family use



  • 2-ply thickness heightens absorbency
  • Pick-a-size option to reduce waste
  • Soft to the touch


When there are messes and spills to clean up, there isn't time to consider the finer points of what makes a good paper towel—you simply need reliable product that will stand up to the task at hand. Enter Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Towel, available in a 12-roll pack of 160-sheet big rolls. These paper towels are a budget-friendly option, providing a lot of product for the price. When tested out in both our lab and in the real world, this brand performed very well in every category. In fact, one parent was so impressed, they're replacing their go-to brand with these offerings from Kirkland Signature.

Hands down the best paper towel I’ve used. The quality is like no other major brand paper towel out there.” —Lindsey, mom of one

In our lab, we tested a variety of paper towel brands for durability and absorbency, and Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Towel was one of the best. One towel held a large amount of liquid—just over 61/2 teaspoons (this was among the most absorbent paper towels we tested) and cleaned up greasy spills without leaving any residue behind. Although not totally tear-resistant in the face of sticky messes (like jam and peanut butter), these paper towels consistently got the job done without falling to pieces. With one editor holding a single wet sheet and another placing quarters on top, a Kirkland Signature towel was able to hold 69 quarters without ripping. For the sustainability-minded parent, these customizable sheets were durable enough to be wrung out when wet and reused, without losing their effectiveness.

I use paper towels for cleaning up kid spills, wiping faces, cleaning pet accidents and cages. So it needs to be strong and absorbent and reasonably priced. This towel fits the bill.” —Amanda, mom of three

Our parent testers reported these sheets cleaned up well on a variety of surfaces, wet and dry, and in a number of applications around the house. Parents noted these paper towels were thinner than some brands, but that this didn’t seem to affect their durability; all our testers reported messes big and small were easy to clean up. To test durability, our editors scrubbed jam residue off of carpet—it took four passes before the towel started to shred and a full 10 scrubs for it to actually tear.

Using paper towel doesn't require an instruction manual, but we've all been in a rush to mop up a mess and torn off more or less than we expected to. In our lab we put a roll of Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Towel on an upright holder and our editors found it tore easily from the roll without ripping mid-sheet or tipping over the paper towel stand. Parent testers were equally impressed, finding it easy to tear a single sheet of paper towel from the roll.


Both our editors and our parent testers were very impressed with these paper towels, with several parents noting that they’d purchase Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Towels again and would also recommend it to others. All of our parent testers gave these paper towels very good ratings for ease of use and value, and very good to good ratings for quality. Although some pointed out that the large package size is hard to store and might not be suitable for every household, the overall quality and effectiveness of these paper towels—combined with the relatively low price point per sheet—earned Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Towels top scores in both our lab and in parents’ homes. Because of their excellent performance and top notch feedback, these paper towels are worthy of the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

    27.9 cm x 17.7 cm (11 in. x 7 in.)
    160 sheets

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