Paper towels

Great Value Ultra Strong and Absorbent Paper Towels

Great Value Ultra Strong and Absorbent Paper Towels

Best forFamilies on a budget who need a great value brand that absorbs spills and has lasting strength and durability

Top BenefitsThick, strong and absorbent

ConsiderationsLarge-sized roll

Bottom lineGreat value brand with heavy-duty absorbency and durability for every type of mess anywhere in the home



  • Great durability and high absorbency
  • Pick-a-size option to reduce waste
  • Certified material sourcing


The name says it all. Great Value Ultra Strong and Absorbent Paper Towels provide excellent durability and one of the lowest costs per roll of all the paper towels we tested. All of our parent testers were impressed by the value and quality of this product. When asked how Great Value measured up to other brands they’ve used, they said this was the best they’d ever used: the sheets were easy to tear from the roll and cleaned up messes just as well as other name brands. Also, the Great Value brand supports the Sustainable Forestry Initiative through certified sourcing.

These paper towels have excellent absorbency. They tear easily from the roll, and each sheet is short, letting you select one, two or three depending on spill size—so there’s less waste. Great savings for a family on a budget.”
Laura, mom of two

In the Today’s Parent Approved lab, we found this towel’s strength measured up: A wet sheet of Great Value Ultra Strong and Absorbent Paper Towels held up to 51 quarters before ripping. In addition, the wet towels can be wrung out and used again, and several of our parent testers found them very easy to reuse. To test durability, our editors scrubbed jam residue off of carpet—it took six passes before the towel started to shred and a full 10 scrubs for it to actually tear.

Absorbency was also top-notch: It took just three and a half sheets to absorb a half cup of water. Our editors also found one sheet of paper towel held just over seven teaspoons of water without dripping (this was among the most absorbent paper towels we tested). Our parent testers were amazed by how it usually took just a single sheet to wipe up even substantial messes and spills. 

At under $9 for six big rolls, these towels provide really good value. They’re better quality than most paper towels I’ve used, and they’re quite durable for cleaning up messes and spills. While the rolls are smaller than some club packs, it takes us a long time to get through each roll. We love that they’re made under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.”
Jacqueline, mom of one

What a paper towel does and how it’s used is pretty straightforward. Simply rip off a sheet, place on mess and wipe. Today's Parent Approved editors and parent testers found Great Value paper towels tore very easily and cleanly from the roll. The towels are thick and quilted, so they soaked up spills easily and easily scrubbed up tougher messes. The rolls are larger and only available in multi-packs, so you’ll need more space on your paper towel holder and in storage. As long as space management isn’t an issue, stocking up on these towels is worth it. 


Both Today's Parent Approved editors and parent testers were impressed with the quality and absorption Great Value Ultra Strong and Absorbent Paper Towels offered. All of our parent testers gave Great Value Ultra Strong and Absorbent Paper Towels very good ratings across the board for quality and ease of use, and value for money. None of our testers would hesitate to buy it again for themselves, or recommend it to friends and other families. Likewise, when we asked if it was worthy of the Today’s Parent Approved seal, they unanimously said yes. Today’s Parent editors agreed that this product’s performance and value were excellent and had no qualms awarding it the Today’s Parent Approved seal. These towels deliver exactly what they promise: they’re strong and absorbent, and they offer a great value for families dealing with large or tough spills.

Tech Specs

    27.9 cm x 15.2 cm (11 in. x 6 in.)
    94 sheets
This article was originally published on Apr 06, 2018

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