Dishwasher detergent

La Parisienne All-in-1 Biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs

La Parisienne All-in-1 Biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs

Best forParents looking for budget-conscious yet effective dishwasher tabs that get the job done in one wash

Top BenefitsPhosphate and chlorine free, biodegradable, unscented

ConsiderationsOccasional specks of tough-to-clean foods left behind

Bottom lineLa Parisienne All-in-1 Biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs offer a quality clean for your dirty dishes, while being super easy to pop in the dishwasher and friendly to the planet.

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  • Biodegradable
  • Dissolvable pouch
  • Unscented
  • Canadian company


La Parisienne All-in-1 Biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs clean up your dirty dishes with minimal environment impact. They're phosphate free, chlorine free, unscented, not tested on animals and come packaged in a box made from 90 percent recycled fibre. Better yet, the individual dishwasher tabs come wrapped in hydrosoluble pouches, so they don’t need to be unwrapped before you pop them into the dishwasher. They’re also OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) compliant. Both our Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers were impressed with how well this detergent performed given its eco-friendly pedigree and reasonable price.

“It did a really great job cleaning the dishes. It is tidy and easy to use. The price is reasonable as well.” —Natalie, mom of two

Our lab put La Parisienne All-in-1 Biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs up against some notoriously stubborn dirty dishes: sticky glasses with orange juice pulp, a baked-on ceramic casserole dish, plates caked with peanut butter—you know, the usual mid-week mess. For the most part, these tabs delivered. Only cheese seemed to sneak by the lab tests, leaving the smallest trace. Overall, this detergent performed very well for our editors. 

“This was the best dishwasher tab I have used. It would dissolve completely in my older dishwasher 99 percent of the time and works well. The amount of left-on food seemed quite average, and its biodegradable nature makes it better than average.” —Jacquie, mom of two

Our parent testers noticed dishes were cleaned effectively most of the time, but every now and then, this detergent was not as consistent as they expected. Some of our parent testers commented that the tabs didn’t entirely dissolve. However, this wasn’t something our editors noticed in the lab tests, so it may vary from dishwasher to dishwasher.


These dishwasher tabs are a snap to use and the packaging is great. Our editors loved that even though the box is made from mostly recycled materials, it felt sturdy and well made. It was easy to open and close, kind of like a cereal box. The instructions are detailed, and they even provide a solution in case the tab doesn’t fit in your dishwasher's detergent dispensing area. The tabs are all individually wrapped in a water-soluble pouch, so there is no need to the remove it before washing; just pop it in.

“This product is good because there are no harsh chemicals.” —Oriana, mom of one

La Parisienne All-in-1 Biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs are well priced, easy to use and offer a more environmentally friendly option than other products on the market. There may be tiny trade off in efficacy for an eco-friendly product, but that’s a choice some families are comfortable with. Parent testers unanimously gave this detergent very good or good ratings for ease of use, while half of our testers said it offered good quality and value. Testers liked how long one package lasted, while editors noted this detergent completely removed burnt on soup from the bottom of pot and oily peanut butter from plastic plates. Most of our parent testers felt La Parisienne All-in-1 Biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs were worthy of the Today’s Parent Approved seal, especially if eco-friendliness is important to you.

Tech Specs

  • Sizes available
    28 or 60 tablets

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