Dishwasher detergent

Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1

Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1

Best forParents looking for heavy duty detergent tabs that can power through stubborn food residue and deliver a sparkling shine

Top BenefitsEliminates pre-soaking, excellent cleaning power

ConsiderationsTablets are individually wrapped

Bottom lineFinish Powerball Super Charged All in 1 gives you the clean and shine you want for your dishes while being super easy to use thanks to its tablet form


walmart.caCAD $7.97
target.comUSD $3.79


  • Resealable package
  • Tablets; no measuring required
  • Tackles grease and grime
  • Available in Fresh Scent and Orange Scent


If you own a dishwasher, odds are you're on the hunt for a trustworthy detergent that leaves nothing but a sparkle behind. Who has the time to scrub dishes that have already been washed? Enter Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1, one of the top performing products we tested. Our parent testers and Today’s Parent Approved editors found that this detergent did an excellent job tackling notoriously stubborn stains. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-use tablet format so all you have to do pop a tab in your dishwasher and be on your merry way.

Best dish washer detergent we've used.” —Teresa, mom of two

In the Today’s Parent Approved lab, our editors tested Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1 against a broad range of crusted-on foods and food residues—including glasses with pulpy orange juice, casserole dishes with spaghetti sauce and baked on cheese, dishes with peanut butter, egg yolk, burnt soup and so much more. Overall, the detergent scored highly in a majority of the categories, providing sparkling results results with the occasional spot, but struggled a little with peanut butter, cheese and pulp.

All of our parent testers were very satisfied with the performance of Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1 and said that it performed better than detergents they’ve used in the past. One parent tester reported that it eliminated the need for pre-washing entirely. They appreciated how effective one tablet was, and nobody had to re-wash dishes after using this dishwasher detergent.


During our lab tests, editors found that the 60-pack cardboard package of Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1 was sturdy and easy to secure, thanks to the closure at the top of the box. All of our parent testers agreed that it’s easy to close and safely store this container of dishwasher detergent in their homes.

This detergent was so easy to use. Pop the tab into the detergent spot, no mess. It was easy to store and there was no drippy cap. It cleaned my dishes very well.” —Meagan, mom of two

Pre-measured and individually wrapped, Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1 dishwasher detergent tabs offer busy families a convenient cleaning solution. The tabs come with detailed instructions that none of our testers had any difficulty understanding.


Finish Powerball Super Charged All in 1 dishwasher detergent tabs provide a convenient and effective cleaning solution that produce sparkling results that impressed both our parent testers and editors. All of the families who tested this detergent gave it very good to good ratings across the board for quality, ease of use and value. Testers unanimously agreed this detergent should receive the Today’s Parent Approved seal and none of them would hesitate recommending it to other families. Editors were particularly impressed with the overall performance of this detergent and appreciated how the individually wrapped tabs contained the mild orange scent of the product.

Tech Specs

  • Sizes available
    21, 50, 74 tablets

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